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Famous Startup Companies – What Do They Have in Common

It’s getting increasingly easier to find startups in the modern age. This is likely a knock-on effect of a massive tech boom from a few years ago. Modern technology, for one thing, is helping people innovate new ways to change the world for the better. But what do the most successful startups have in common?


How to Find Startup Companies for Your Next Career Move


Startup companies are incredibly appealing. Not only do they offer fantastic investment opportunities, but they may also hold the key to your future in your given field of expertise. But how do you approach finding work with a startup company? Why might heading to a startup be the perfect choice for your long-term career?

how to find startup companies



Is the Future of Online Startup Companies Working From Home?

As a result of the current global situation, millions of people are having to face working from home for the first time. But how is this going to impact startups? Is the future of online startup operations at home, rather than in rented office space? Let’s take a closer look.

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4 Startup Software Companies Raising Funds to Change the World

It's safe to say that much of global industry runs on leading software innovations. Where would we be today without technological evolution? Here are a few great examples of startup software companies that are working with investors to make life a little easier for us all.

startup software companies

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Big Venture Capital Firms Push Average Series A to $14 Million

Ironically, given the unprecedented economic and market conditions, big venture capital firms helped to push the average series a funding to $14 million last week, which ties the all-time record set late last year.

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How Good Startup Companies Pivot and Grow in a Crisis

It’s clear that the current crisis is impacting businesses all over the world. It is not only small companies and entrepreneurs who are affected but even larger firms, too. However, what are good startup companies doing to ensure they pivot and survive crisis scenarios?


US Venture Capital Firms: Funding Results & Changes from COVID-19

The numbers are staggering. Over 22 million people in the U.S. lost their jobs over the last month. Thousands of businesses shut down and despite their best efforts, many will undoubtedly not return. 

Yet, despite all the devastation, Wall Street has started to rally. Recent data from US venture capital firms also shows stability, though noticeable shifts.

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From Idea to Implementation: What is a Startup Company?


Startup companies have strong, positive reputations. Among investors and consumers alike, they are trailblazers in all that they do. In an age where more and more people are starting businesses based on a dream concept or idea, it is inspiring for many entrepreneurs to get started.


Best Startup Companies To Invest In: What Novices Should Look For


It's clear that startup investing is more than just an emerging trend. Even seasoned investors are looking for funded startups to help their money travel further. Many are investing to help make the world a better place.

best startup companies for novice investors

Technology Startup Companies: Investing in Tomorrow

Investment comes in many shapes and forms. However, startup tech, in particular, appears to continue to drive interest from even the shrewdest of investors.


How to Find and Maintain a List of Successful Startup Companies

VCs Look to New Startup Companies Targeting Alzheimers Disease

Alzheimer's Disease remains one of the most devastating neurological conditions we still know little about. While medical advancements and research may be bringing us closer to a cure, the condition is continuing to devastate families. Venture capitalists, therefore, are taking their own initiative. Many VCs are taking on the fight against the Disease themselves – by investing in startup companies and innovations.


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Beyond the Virus: Worldwide Crop Picking Labor Shortfall


The COVID-19 crisis is affecting businesses and industries all over the world. However, with food supplies running short across the globe, it appears that the agriculture industry is feeling the pinch more than most. A good example of this can be seen in the falling cost of vegetables and green crops. For instance, asparagus is now worth around a third of what it was at the start of the year.


Healthcare Providers & PPE Mfrs: A Partnership with Growth Potential

In light of current global measures, it’s clear that the world needs PPE or personal protective equipment. News stories indicate that many healthcare providers dependent on such equipment and resources are becoming increasingly frustrated. It seems, at least from the outside, that demand is outweighing production.

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What Recently Funded Startups Look for in SEO Service Providers

SEO, or search engine optimization, is crucial for any business hoping to survive the modern online landscape. There are specific rules and guidelines that all websites need to follow if they wish to be found by organic searchers. Organic search is a massive driver for startups and established firms.


How to Generate B2B Sales Leads for IT Services

How Creative Agency Execs Can Grow Their Client Base and Sales

b2b sales leads marketing agency

Regardless of the current climate, client onboarding and lead driving for creative agencies are never simple. Whether you are running an ad agency, a graphic design company, or a web development firm, bringing new clients on board is not a cut-and-dried process. Each firm and each approach is likely to be different – this much is true. 

Staffing Agencies in Crisis: How to Fight Your Way to Success

b2b sales leads how to find for staffing

As a result of global lockdown measures, staffing agencies are facing a harsh new reality. Ongoing social distancing measures are preventing agency firms from securing new talent across various industries. Not only that, but agencies are also facing problems in retaining clients. With such uncertainty rife worldwide, finding confident new client bases is proving troublesome.

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Biotech VC Funding News Highlights Emerging Renaissance

Almost after all periods of significant challenge for society, soon follows a period of great innovation and progress. Recent funding data shows that the biotech renaissance may be beginning, even as the current COVID-19 crisis causes temporary setbacks for some in the industry.

6 Biggest Challenges for Energy Startups

Getting a startup off the ground is never easy, and this is a fact. For a significant number of people who have initiated an energy startup, the idea never went beyond their laptops.

AI Funding for Healthcare Heats Up Amid COVID-19

Amid the coronavirus epidemic, a demand for innovations in healthcare is growing. Another AI for healthcare focused startup raised new funding this month.


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