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5 Ways Startups Can Secure Their Customers’ Data

Startups and the protection of customer dataStartups have one primary goalto grow and develop as much as possible. Unfortunately, this could result in completely ignoring other important aspects, such as cybersecurity. Not every startup has enough resources or staff to focus on this issue. Building a startup is hard work, and sometimes there are other priorities.

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AWS Managed Services: Empowering Businesses for the Cloud Era

AWS Managed Services Empowering Businesses for the Cloud Era

Cloud computing and the rise of business-driven IT have opened up a world of possibilities for companies that want to get ahead in their industries. However, navigating this new era takes more than just adopting an innovative technology; it requires a strategic shift as well. The shift is transforming the way businesses operate by putting them in charge of their IT environments, and it's all thanks to AWS Managed Services (AMS).

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9 Must-Dos for Building a Business Reputation Successfully

Building business reputation

Reputation is the most fragile yet among the most impactful assets a company possesses. An unblemished reputation will let you weather storms that would cause others to fail. A tarnished one is a setback not even giants in their respective fields can recover from.

Real Estate Startups: Challenges and Choices

Real Estate Startups Challenges and Choices

Real estate is one of the most powerful ways to develop steady, long-term income by leveraging the power of property. Everyone, whether an individual or a business, needs a place to live and work; you can capitalize on this through careful decisions and a relentless commitment to innovation. It has been proven, time and time again, that real estate keeps its value over time and tends to appreciate incredibly well, even if there are occasional hiccups due to market fluctuations. 

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Pricepally & InDrive: Driving Growth in Emerging Markets

InDrive, a ride-hail platform popular in Latin America and Asia, has recently launched a new venture and merger and acquisition division called New Ventures. The venture arm will invest up to $100 million in startups within emerging markets over the next few years, focusing on startups with adjacencies to ride-hail, such as delivery, and horizontals like fintech or insurtech.

Revolutionizing Lives: Aether Biomedical and the Zeus Hand

Startups are revolutionizing the way we live and work. From medical technology to consumer products, startups are pushing the boundaries of what is possible. One such startup is Aether Biomedical, which is making waves with its revolutionary bionic hand, the Zeus hand.

Case Study: How Modern Businesses are Leveraging NAC for Zero Trust Security

Leaveraging NAC for increased business security

In today's hyper-connected world, where cyber threats loom more significant than ever, safeguarding sensitive information has become paramount for enterprises across industries. To combat the escalating risks of data breaches and unauthorized access, contemporary organizations are turning to Network Access Control (NAC) as a critical component of their cybersecurity strategy. 

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Shield AI Shines with Autonomous Drone Technology

The venture capital landscape for late-stage startups is certainly challenging, but there are still some startups that have been able to secure funding and are making progress in their respective fields.

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Revolutionize Your Startup with Product Design Excellence

Revolutionize Your Startup with Product Design ExcellenceAny business can be transformed by a good product design. A great product design will have the power to propel a company, whether it is a startup or an established business. The product results from a lengthy process that includes extensive testing, framing, research, etc., are the solution to your business problem that meets customers' needs. 

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