Discover more investment opportunities, much more efficiently

Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.

 – H. Jackson Browne


Many of today's leading platforms for investors do an excellent job of providing deep research on companies, industries & market trends. However, this comes at a cost beyond the subscription fee. These platforms are not "event-first" oriented products, meaning while you can perform deep research, the platform design limits how many deal opportunities you can efficiently review.

With Fundz, you'll be able to discover hundreds of deal opportunities every week, more efficiently than any other platform, with the ability to quickly favorite and add notes for further review. Never miss an opportunity with Fundz.

Sample CSV export (Fundz Pro or Enterprise subscription)


Fundz for Investors


• Real-time updates on ~100 new fundings announced every business day. Executive contact information, phone numbers, emails

• Real-time updates on Form C Crowdfunding offerings; search and filters from thousands

• Real-time updates on Acquisitions, search and filter from thousands

• See market trends in funding by location and industry (Pro subscription) 

• Chrome extension for updates on any new fundings, crowdfundings & acquisitions matching your filters

• Unlimited CSV exports of fundings, acquisitions & crowdfundings for Fundz Pro customers


"You guys provide terrific insights to help analyze market trends."

 Mark Mains


Mark Mains, Lab Miami Ventures