Product Overview


Fundz' innovative, event-first architecture provides real-time updates on new fundings, executive hirings & acquisitions from around the world, integrated with contact & company information. Fund Pro customers can also export to CSV, connect to HubSpot & Salesforce CRMs and leverage Fundz AI to more quickly connect and create more deals. (video)

Customized to your filters (industry list here), Fundz was built from the ground up so you can much more easily & effectively discover, research & close more deals after business trigger events. Get much more, for much less than anywhere else, with Fundz.


Interactive Dashboard


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Real-Time Updates on New Fundings


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Chrome Extension with Real-time Alerts Matching Your Filters

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Real-Time Updates on New Executive Hirings


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Real-Time Updates on Acquisitions




Real-Time Updates on Crowdfunding Filings


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Easy to use, self-saving filters


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Company and contact data, plus quick links to company websites and LinkedIn pages


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Smart Exports: Full history, dynamic calendar for instantly updated exports


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Unlimited Exports: Fundings, Funded Company Executives & Newly Hired Executives, Acquistions, Crowdfundings

(Fundz Pro & Enterprise only) 



Export Sample: Fundings

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Export Sample: Executives of Funded Companies

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Export Sample: New Executive Hires

Screenshot 2023-09-06 at 1.09.48 PM


HubSpot & Salesforce CRM Connectors

(Fundz Pro & Enterprise only) 



New: Fundz AI: Personalized Outreach Within Minutes of New Business Events

(Fundz Pro & Enterprise only) 

Introducing first of its kind feature to offer deep personalization based on the event, the involved company, the sender, and the sender's company—all within minutes of a new event being announced.