Product Overview


Fundz' innovative, event-first architecture provides real-time updates on new fundings, executive hirings & acquisitions from around the world, integrated with contact & company information.

Customized to your filters (industry list here), Fundz was built from the ground up so you can much more easily & effectively discover, research & close more deals after business trigger events. Get much more, for much less than anywhere else, with Fundz.


Real-Time Updates on New Fundings


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Chrome Extension with Real-time Alerts Matching Your Filters

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Real-Time Updates on New Executive Hirings


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Real-Time Updates on Acquisitions




Real-Time Updates on Crowdfunding Filings


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Easy to use, self-saving filters


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Company and contact data, plus quick links to company websites and LinkedIn pages


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Smart Exports: Full history, dynamic calendar for instantly updated exports


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Unlimited Exports: Fundings, Funded Company Executives & Newly Hired Executives, Acquistions, Crowdfundings

(Fundz Pro & Enterprise only) 



Export Sample: Fundings

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Export Sample: Executives of Funded Companies

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Export Sample: New Executive Hires

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HubSpot & Salesforce CRM Connectors

(Fundz Pro & Enterprise only) 



Real-time updates on funding trends by worldwide location & industry

(Fundz Pro & Enterprise only)