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6 Biggest Challenges for Energy Startups

Getting a startup off the ground is never easy, and this is a fact. For a significant number of people who have initiated an energy startup, the idea never went beyond their laptops.

AI Funding for Healthcare Heats Up Amid COVID-19

Amid the coronavirus epidemic, a demand for innovations in healthcare is growing. Another AI for healthcare focused startup raised new funding this month.

Fundz Adds Global Fundings and New Data Sources to Startup Database

Fundz announced today the inclusion of recently funded companies from around the world into its real-time updated, startup database, as well as new sources of funding news for companies in the U.S. Previously, Fundz' database included only recently funded startups in the U.S., with information obtained from government filings.

Working B2B Sales Leads? Five Stats to Consider in 2020

If you are looking to have more success working b2b sales leads and ultimately closing more deals in 2020, here are some interesting statistics to be aware of, along with suggestions in light of these facts.

1.) Most buyers want to talk about pricing and see how the product works on the first call, while only one in four want to talk about goals, authority and timeline. {HubSpot}

A Look Back at Some of the Largest Tech Funding Rounds of 2019

As 2019 comes to a close, I thought it might be interesting to take a look back at some of the largest technology related venture capital funding rounds of the year, to help think about future business trends.


In summary, industries such as banking and logistics & transportation, which have been long been mired in legacy technology and ways of doing business, seem poised to see dramatic changes over the coming years, as evidenced by the significant investment in some of the companies mentioned below. 

Flexport: $1 billion

In February, Flexport announced a $1 billion dollar funding round led by Softbank's Vision Fund. The company's technology platform helps companies ship goods around the world.

Mean Series A Funding Round Reaches Record $14 Million

The mean Series A funding round in the U.S. has reached $13.96 million for the first time.  After reviewing nearly 600 Series A rounds since the beginning of 2019, the Average A round beginning the year was about 20% less than the new high just reached. Let's look at a few factors fueling the continued rise.

Marketing to Startups: How to Handle The Double Edged Sword

There are a couple of important facts from the U.S. Census Bureau that any company marketing to startups might want to reflect upon:

Some Interesting Recently Funded Startups

recently funded startups

With technology focused on very different use cases, from cancer fighting to easier parking, here are three interesting tech and biotech startups that recently received funding, along with another company that wants to make your life more well travelled, while still keeping your job.

1.) Nkarta Therapeutics raised $114 Million in a Series B Financing to advance multiple programs into clinical trials. Nkarta is focused on leveraging the natural potent power of NK cells (natural killer cells) to identify and kill abnormal cells. The company is combining its NK expansion platform technology with proprietary cell engineering technologies to generate an abundant supply of NK cells,  as well improve NK recognition of tumor targets and persistence for sustained activity in the body for the treatment of cancer.

How to Leverage a Startup Database to Increase B2B Sales Leads

how-to-leverage-a-startup-database-for-b2b sales

If your company sells to startups, one of the biggest, most common challenges you've probably run into is simply a lack of capital on behalf of the startup to purchase your product or service. 42% of salespeople say prospecting is the hardest part of the sales process and lack of budget at a target company is certainly one of the reasons why. How frustrating it is to go through a sales process only to find out that despite your best qualification efforts, the company really just didn't have the money to buy.

Startup Data from 4,817 Funding Rounds

We analyzed the 4,800+ funding rounds in the U.S. year to date of greater than or equal to $100k. Here are some interesting startup data points from 2019: