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Slay: A Startup with a Vision to Change Social Media

Love it or hate it, unless you've lived in the jungle for the last 20 years, it's impossible to deny social media's influence today. There are currently over 4.59 billion social media users worldwide, significantly more than half of the world's population.

Movie Production: What Are Startups Doing in the Film Industry?

There's no doubt that the film industry has changed a lot over recent years. Streaming giants have become the most prodigious funders and publishers of new films and shows, threatening to supplant movie theatres like never before.

The Imminent Growth of Edtech Startups In 2023

The global Ed-Tech market is currently at a value of $ 74.2 billion. It's forecast to grow further at a CAGR of 14.5% until 2031 to a market size of $ 288.4 billion. Both business and educational institutions are driving this rapid growth due to the rising adoption of various educational technologies for learning, training, learner support, and more. Below, we'll look at some of the EdTech startups and technologies that are revolutionizing the EdTech space.

The Transformative Potential of RedBrick AI and Medtech Startups

Imagine a day when someone in a remote village can be operated on by specialized robots being controlled by a world-class surgeon on the other side of the world. Or where patients can get accurate and fast diagnoses of all possible underlying health conditions without multiple invasive procedures to collect various bio samples.

Photonic Computing Startups

Photonic computing might sound like something out of Star Trek, but it’s a very real technology based on sound physics. It has been with us in various forms of electronics, but its potential is finally being realized to revolutionize complex and intensive computing systems. Below, we’ll dig into what precisely photonic computing is, its impact, and some of the top startups in the field to watch.

Space Tourism Startups: Will They Plan Our Vacations?

Space tourism is having its “ small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” moment, with several companies having safely launched all civilian crews to the great beyond. While the industry is still in its nascent stages, it was already worth roughly $598 million in 2021. It’s also expected to grow at a 37.1% CAGR, with a revenue forecast of $8.67 billion by 2030.

Metaverse Startups: A Future Defining Partnership?

As renowned futurist Matthew Ball defines it, the Metaverse is “a persistent and interconnected network of 3D virtual worlds that will eventually serve as the gateway to most online experiences and also underpin much of the physical world.”

Amsterdam’s Startup Scene and Its Hottest Companies

The Netherlands is one of Europe, and the world’s most affluent countries, with a GDP of $831 billion. You may not know that it’s also one of the leading nations in terms of innovation, with much of that energy coming from its capital city, Amsterdam.

How Can Italy Bolster its Startup Ecosystem?

When we talk about globally successful businesses and brands out of Italy, we usually think of cars, fashion, and food. With impeccable style and ample panache, no one can fault Italians for lacking passion or creativity. However, as one of the largest economies in the world, Italy's startup scene hasn't always performed at the level of powerhouses like Germany, the US, and the UK. Still, there are plenty of reasons for startups in the country to be upbeat.

What's Going on In the Boston Startup Scene?

While the rest of the world might be enduring the stress test, prospects for the startup industry have never looked quite as good. 2021 was an absolutely record-breaking year for startup funding across the board. However, as always, certain startup hubs have robust ecosystems allowing them to make more of this windfall than most. Boston is one of those hubs.