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Heat Map: The Impact of Cloud Computing Startups

While ‘the cloud’ as a concept is nothing new, its presence in the corporate sphere and at home is still growing. In fact, it is largely thanks to leading startups that cloud computing is continuing to evolve. But to what extent – and how are specific US cloud innovators helping to make daily processes more efficient?

Funding for Seattle Startups Reached a Record High in Q1

Despite societal change in 2020, it appears Seattle is ready to emerge in 2021 as a lucrative area for new business. Already, statistics show that VC interest in Seattle startups is growing to record statistics. Why is this the case – and which ventures are helping the boost?

Legal Tech Startups: Why Does Justice Need Them?

The law is a tricky business. With near-unlimited precedents and a cast-iron constitution, the demand for flexible support is growing in the US. Thankfully, many startups are striving to change legal processes through technology. But how, exactly?

Blockchain Startups are Disrupting the Energy Sector

Blockchain is a digital phenomenon that’s growing in use and influence. Widely used in digital contracting and cryptocurrency exchange, it’s even bleeding into the energy sector. Many startups are harnessing the power of the digital ledger to help change the sphere. What can we expect from them?

AI Startups are Turning Personalized Medicine into Reality

Medicine and healthcare are constantly evolving. In light of global matters in the past year, many startups are pivoting to help make treatments more accessible to all. But what is personalized medicine – and how are both innovators and AI Startups helping to bring it into the mainstream?

Transportation Startups Revolutionizing the Industry

Thanks to advances in technology, how we move from place to place is evolving. Transportation startups are taking advantage of this, helping to make getting from A to B that little bit smarter. But how are they changing the industry in general?

How are Startups Innovating in Mental Health Treatment?

In the modern age, we are learning more and more about our mental health, how to treat it, and why it is important. That is one reason why startups specializing in improving mental health services are emerging all the time. But what are US ventures doing to help improve standards?

Space Startups and the New Frontiers of Progress

Space exploration is something that had always fascinated humanity, even before we began exploring the solar system. However, technology has made the impossible possible. Space startups are thinking beyond traditional travel and exploration, however. How are they helping to advance space tech even further?

Clean Meat Startups: The Future of Clean Eating

With more and more Americans choosing to become vegan, the marketplace for meat alternatives is growing. An exciting twist on this demand is lab-grown meat. What are clean meat startups doing to help develop technology and to improve meat grown in lab conditions?

VR Startups Expected to Breakthrough and Prosper in 2021

Virtual reality, or VR, is nothing new. However, modern technology is making it more accessible at home, work, and during play. What are innovative startups doing to work VR to their advantage, and what can we expect from them across 2021 and beyond?