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Salesforce Invests $200 Million in Startup Hugging Face

Salesforce is investing in Hugging Face, a highly valued AI startup, at a valuation of over $4 billion.

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Israel, Startup SEO & GM's Battery Investment

A growing number of Israeli tech startups are incorporating in the United States, attracted by deep pocketed U.S. funds and pro-business policies, as well as uncertainty over Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's judicial overhaul.

MENA and Africa: A Look at the Booming Startup Ecosystems in 2023

The startup ecosystem has seen a lot of activity over the past year, with new funds, investments, and initiatives being announced to support entrepreneurs. Women-led startups have been particularly in focus, with a number of initiatives being launched to help them access funding and resources.

5 Extraordinary yet Simple Applications of AI for Startups

Only a decade ago, most people looked at Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a technology made for the forward-looking world— of flying cars and robots that will soon enough replace humans. But today, AI is really no longer an unnerving technology.

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