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Does your company need dedicated custom software development?

Does your company need dedicated custom software developmentBill Gates once said: “If your business is not on the Internet, then you don’t have a business.” Only now the majority are realizing how right he was. Modern businesses are actively digitalizing and moving to online platforms, ensuring effective interaction between buyers and sellers, allowing everyone to find what they need at an affordable price.

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Klaviyo: From Bootstrapped Beginnings to a Marketing Titan

In 2012, a notable shift was beginning to materialize in the way companies perceived their data. A vast reservoir of information was available, but there was a glaring gap: companies, big or small, were struggling to glean meaningful insights about their customer base. Moreover, harnessing this data to spur revenue via personalized marketing seemed an insurmountable challenge. This is where Klaviyo's co-founders, Andrew Bialecki and Ed Hallen, stepped in.

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Not Just for Kids

The popular narrative of startups being founded by young people is pervasive in Silicon Valley, but experienced founders often have an advantage. Life skills that come with age, such as having kids, can make one a better manager and more resilient and patient. Experience is also important for building a personal network, which is crucial for finding solvable problems and selling products.

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How To Create Your Investor Outreach Strategy

There's a lot you need to do if you're looking to create a startup. To do everything though, you need capital, and that's why you'll need an investor. Not sure how to get an investor for your project? You'll see that it's a lot like marketing your business to customers. Here's how to create the perfect investor outreach strategy. 

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