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FoodTech Startups Shake Things Up with Animal Free Dairy

With more of the world choosing to 'go' vegan, it's clear that alternative ways of producing food must be found. With 1.6 million vegans in the US and rising, it's no surprise that food tech startups are tackling industries such as dairy. Investors, it appears, are more excited than ever.


Cannabis Startups Drive Innovation in Agritech

Cannabis startups, specifically those who specialize in agritech-based innovations across the US, are becoming increasingly investable. What are some of the most significant leaps – and stats – we can surmise from Agritech’s latest startup sensations in this field?

Internet of Vehicles: IoV Startups Impacting the Auto Industry

Startups are innovating with technology in more and more intriguing ways. An emerging trend revolves around the future of automotive design and engineering. What is the IoV, and what are ventures doing to change this burgeoning industry for the better?

Future Fund Expansion Benefits Startups with 50% UK/US Split

Recent news confirms that the UK government will add a further £500 million ($625m) to the ‘Future Fund’ to help support startups on either side of the Atlantic. However, what are the requirements to benefit from this fund? What is the 50% split? Which companies are likely to benefit most?

Disruptive Startups Shake Up Industries for the New Normal

The world continues to change at a fast pace. That, of course, means the world is crying out for new innovations to help us all adapt to a ‘new normal.’ Is it any wonder, then, that disrupter startups are pulling in more interest than ever before? But what else can we learn from such trends?

Disrupting a Legacy Industry – Startups vs. Telco’s

The telecommunications, or telco industry is one which is something of an immovable force. While startups persist in developing innovations across all manner of industries and spheres, telco appears relatively untouched. However, according to exciting upcoming trends, that no longer seems to be the case.

Travel Startups Are Thriving: What Are Their Secrets

In an uncertain climate, travel startups are perhaps facing a shakier future than most. However, recent news and statistics show this really isn’t the case at all. With that in mind – what are we to expect from travel ventures, and how are they continuing to shake things up for the better?

Average Series A Round Reaches Record $15.7 million

The average Series A round is now $15.72 million, a new record. While the staggering size of many biotech rounds remains largely responsible for the new record mean (still about double the median Series A size), companies in other industries are also contributing to the rise.

Startups Remain Thirsty for Venture Capital Firms

In an unstable world, it is great to see that startups are continuing to pool for funding more than ever before. Recent statistics show that startups ventures are still thirsty – perhaps thirstier – at each stage of the funding cycle. But what do these new figures tell us deep down?

Fintech Startups: Riding Waves of Opportunity

Financial technology is on the rise. Personal and app banking have never been more popular, and not just among the populace. More and more investors are looking towards fintech startups for their next big ventures. But why is this, and what does 2020 data tell us?