Fundz stands out as a pioneering platform in trigger event prospecting by uniquely combining a tier-1, direct data provider with an event-first design. This innovative approach allows for faster and more efficient identification, connection, and deal closing compared to traditional methods. Here's why Fundz gives you a competitive edge:                                                                  

  • Real-Time Data Updates: As the fastest platform for updates on new funding rounds, executive hires, and acquisitions, Fundz ensures you receive the latest information quicker than anywhere else.

  • Chrome Extension for Instant Alerts: With our Chrome extension, you get real-time updates on new matches based on your filters, ensuring you never miss an opportunity.

  • Exclusive Access to Early Information: Fundz helps you discover companies that aren't yet listed in other databases, providing early access to potential opportunities.

  • Rapid Connection to New Opportunities: Learn about new fundings and acquisitions faster than your competitors, enabling quicker outreach and connection.

  • Comprehensive Contact Information: Fundz includes unlimited executive contact information at no extra cost, making it easier to connect with key decision-makers without additional fees.

  • AI-Generated Outreach Emails (Pro & Enterprise): Deep personalization based on the event, the involved company, the sender, and the sender's company—all within minutes of a new event being announced. 

Research indicates that being the first to connect can significantly increase your chances of closing deals successfully. With Fundz, you’re equipped to be at the forefront of every opportunity.