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Yes. On average, there are dozens of funded companies added to our startup database every business day and we are able to find and verify emails for about 1/3 of them. Many of these contact emails you wont yet find in any other startup database.
Fundz captures all fundings from all industries. When companies report a funding, they self-select an industry to describe their business from one of approximately 30 choices that they must choose from. Fundz has all of these industry options and lets you search and export to CSV by any of them.
1.) All Fundings in the U.S., Updated in Real-Time: Fundz provides real-time alerts, advanced searching, exporting to CSV, saving of favorites and more features related to all companies in the U.S. that raise outside investment. We show this information in real-time as the filings come in. There are now tens of thousands of funded companies in our database, going back to mid-2015.

2.) Contact Emails: In addition to phone number, Fundz now also finds contact emails and we're often the only startup database that will have this critical information.

3.) Value: For $10/user/month with no-term commitment, there is no other company that provides this type of service for close to the same price.

4.) Mobile Optimized: View your stream of newly funded companies wherever you are, customized to your locations, geographies and funding ranges.
Fundz reports every deal filed with the SEC in real-time, customized to your filters. That's hundreds of startup funding deals a week, excluding investment funds raising money.
You can download up to 500 deals at a time and can filter by date range, location and industry. Fundz has all fundings since 2016. NEW: We now also include contact emails when available.

Here is an example CSV download.
Yes, Fundz has tens of thousands of funding rounds in our database, going back before 2016. These include all seed fundings and venture fundings, from Series A Funding and Series B Fundings, to Series C funding rounds, Series D financing, etc.

Essentially, when private companies raise outside investment, they must file documentation with the government for each funding round. Fundz collects, organizes and then disseminates all of these filings in real-time, filtered to customer preferences.
The funding rounds are from the U.S. only.
Just contact our support team. We respond within 24 hours:
There is not. In the past, Fundz had a free version but the data was 30 days delayed and users had no ability to search or filter, this led to poor user experiences. Trial accounts didn't work either, because people get so busy these days and often weren't able to put much if any time into Fundz during the trial.

So, to make sure everyone can enjoy the full benefit of Fundz, we decided to have only paid accounts going forward. However, to ease any concerns, we've created a video overview of Fundz, answered common questions on this and other pages and have created the best priced, most flexible plan in the industry: $10/month without any term commitment. Your risk in trying Fundz is therefore only $10, or about two cups of your favorite latte.
Yes, just contact us at Fundz does not require an annual up-front payment or annual commitment. If you wish to cancel your account, please put "cancel account" in the subject line and you will not be billed in future months.

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