The first platform built for trigger event prospecting at scale. Existing funding data providers, CRMs & B2B prospecting databases were designed for "top-down" company or contact research. Fundz is the only "event-first" platform in both our UI and how we process data on the back end. This a key difference, because it means Fundz lets you discover companies not yet in other databases, learn about new fundings & acquisitions faster & connect with these companies faster. This means you can beat out your competitors & close more deals. For no extra cost, Fundz also integrates unlimited executive contact information. Since Harvard & Berkeley research has shown the first person representing their particular type of product or service to connect with a potential customer wins substantially more of the deals, the Fundz platform provides a critical advantage over all other platforms, because you can learn about, connect with and close more deals with more companies after key business trigger events. 
Unlimited contacts & data included. Our database has hundreds of thousands of executive contacts & over 100,000 funded companies. We also add about 100 new fundings every business day and thousands of executive contacts and emails every month, integrated with those fundings. No other platform provides all this, even for a much higher cost. All customers get unlimited access to view and filter and Fundz Pro & Enterprise customers can also perform unlimited exports to CSV. 
Fast & easy to use When we looked at what existed in the market before Fundz, we noticed the existing options were overly complex and far too expensive in relation to what many people really wanted. While each of these platforms have great benefits to certain audiences, we knew there was a need for something different. By focusing on what most people needed and how they actually prospected using these services, we were able to able to build a platform that was both easy to use and more effective for prospecting, all for a much better price. We also believe company websites and LinkedIn pages are the best, most up to date resources for additional company & contact research, so have integrated direct links to these as well.
Better Exports. (Pro level only) Fundz saves all of your CSV exports so at any time you can go back and quickly resend a previous export. Even better, just change the calendar to instantly export a new data range for the same filters. Fundz exports also include contact and company data.
Real-Time Deal Updating Chrome Extension. See real-time notifications of new fundings, acquisitions & crowdfundings matching your filters from anywhere on the web. With one click, see more info and update your deal filters right from the Chrome extension.