Introducing Fundz Pro

Would you like to learn about hundreds of newly funded startups per week in real-time, ahead of your competitors?

In the U.S., over 10,000 startups receive funding every year and most you either never hear about, or you read about them when everyone else does, losing your competitive advantage.

Fundz captures all startup fundings in the U.S. and alerts you to all or any matching your filters in real-time. Our startup database has over 25,000 recently funded companies (and growing), combined with easy to use, web based software for advanced searching, exporting to CSV, saving of favorites and more. 

Here is a quick start guide and video overview

Who uses Fundz? Fundz has customers all around the world, from one person startups to very large, industry leading tech companies.

Some of the major groups that have signed up for Fundz Pro include:

  1. SDRs/BDRs/Sales Teams at high-tech companies that target small and mid-sized businesses. In sales, it has been proven connecting with great opportunities ahead of your competition means you will win more of the deals. It's hardwired into our brain! What better group to go after then ones that just raised money when your competition hasn't even yet read about it yet.  That's what Fundz delivers - real-time updates of new fundings as filed with the SEC- down to the specific zip codes for each team member. Often these subscriptions are purchased as a group by marketing or sales leaders within the company. If that's you - give us a shout, if its not - have your boss contact us!
  2. Marketing Agencies/PR Companies/Outsourcing companies: Typically these companies are less than 100 employees and they are targeting quickly growing, recently funded companies. Fundz real-time updates of all companies that just received funding, the ability to search and export on demand by location & industry, plus a very reasonable $10/month price point, is ideal for their needs. 
  3. Incubators & VCs: Any organization that is actively targeting startups ideally wants to work with the cream of the crop. That means ones that others have invested in. Associates at incubators & smaller VC firms have signed up for Fundz Pro because it provides all of the companies that have received funding as filed with the SEC, and lets them segment this data & create custom exports for much less than alternative data providers.
  4. Data Researchers: Fundz' startup database is a wealth of information to help predict trends and is used by big data researchers as well as research divisions of large corporations.

Why are real-time updates on new fundings so important?

When private companies announce they have raised money from investors, a significant opportunity opens up for a limited window of time. While its widely known funding rounds are an important sales trigger event, Harvard & Berkeley research shows you need to be first person representing your particular type of product or service to greatly tilt the odds in your favor of winning the business.

While startup community websites and venture news publications are great resources and write about some of the new fundings that happen each day, the problem is everyone reads about the same small group of new fundings, usually at about the same time and they are not filtered to your target locations, industries or funding range of interest. What's more, there are actually over 10,000 new private company fundings filed per year with the U.S. government and most people never hear about most of them, never mind contact them.

Before the Fundz app, you had to utilize much more expensive software to search, export & organize all the latest companies that have raised money, according to your targeted locations and industries. Even then, you still couldn't easily get updates and search for new fundings easily from any device, matching your specific filters and needs.

So we created Fundz to be a super easy to use, very affordable & web app that provides real-time alerts on all the private companies that just raised money, optimized for any device and delivered to wherever you are on the web, via chrome extension alerts.

Fundz Pro is used by business development & sales teams at some of the world's leading software companies. Fundz Pro lets you receive real-time notifications of new fundings matching your filters as they are filed, which means everything since it lets you connect with these companies ahead of your competitors. With Fundz Pro, you can also customize the fundings you receive by industries, locations down to zip codes, funding amounts, plus export the latest deals of interest to CSV.

Simply put, with Fundz Pro's real-time notifications and integrated key contact information, you can connect with some of the most promising startups in America ahead of your competitors and win more of the business.

Fundz Pro:

  • Real-time updates on all the latest companies that received funding as filed with the SEC, accessible from any device, so you can connect with great potential leads ahead of your competitors.
  • On-demand searching of over 20,000 funded startups, by city, state, industry, company related person.
  • Customization of the new fundings you receive based on location, industry, funding amounts and more.
  • Chrome extension with real-time push notifications of new fundings matching your filters.
  • Exporting of funding deals to CSV.
  • Statistics on what industries and locations are receiving the most new funding deals over a selected time period.

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