It's time to change the playbook on how your sales team spends their time


Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

The statistics are eye opening. Only 35% of sales reps time is spent actively selling and less than half of the prospects they reach out to end up being qualified. Then, even after engagement with otherwise qualified prospects, budget is a leading reason why deals end up falling apart.

Especially in today's business environment, this type of inefficiency can't be ignored any more. Fundz is a first its kind platform built for quickly & easily prospecting companies that are prequalified for budget, authority, need and timing.

Sample CSV export (Fundz Pro or Enterprise subscription)



Fundz for Revenue Growth

• A prospecting database for your reps with companies pre-qualified for budget, authority, need & timing. (B.A.N.T.)

• ~100 new companies added every business day that just received funding.

• Tens of thousands of companies that have received funding in the last couple of years.

• Executive contact information, phone numbers, emails

• Filters by industry, location, round type, money raised and date range

• Chrome extension for updates on any new fundings matching their filters

• Thousands of recent company acquisitions, with dozens more added every week


"I love using the product and prospect with it every day!"



Rich Cardinale, HubSpot