Spend your time much more effectively - with companies that have the budget & need, at just the right time

Lost time is never found again.

 – Benjamin Franklin


Many b2b sales reps, SDRs and BDRs spend significant amounts of their time (up to 40%) trying to figure out which companies to try and connect with next.

Why is this? One of the major reasons is because before Fundz, there wasn't a prospecting platform that was built from the ground up to help them efficiently with all four of the elements of one of the most widely used and trusted qualifying methodologies, known as  B.A.N.T (Budget, Authority, Need & Timing).

Think about it. Even if you spend considerable time researching a company's business to determine if there may be a need, it is usually impossible ahead of time to know if that company has the available budget to purchase what you are offering.

Moreover, even if the budget is there, what are the chances that the timing is also right? Also, are you able to connect with the ultimate decision maker? Your odds of success get less and less very quickly...

The fact is that companies usually add new vendors or change vendors, for a particular product or service, during very limited windows of time. It usually takes extensive outreach to be on these companies radars when that time comes and even longer to gain executive buy-in.

Before Fundz, this ultimately meant spending vast amounts of time, with a very low ratio of outreach attempts to closed won deals. Even with the most powerful tools, there wasn't a user experience built from the ground up for the most effective & efficient prospecting after major trigger events, such as a new rounds of funding or acquisitions.


Sample CSV export (Fundz Pro or Enterprise subscription)



Fundz for Salespeople

Connect with companies pre-qualified for B.A.N.T.

• Discover ideal target companies from a database of approximately 100,000

• ~100 new companies added every business day that just received funding

• Executive contact information, phone numbers, emails

• Filters by industry, location, round type, money raised and date range\

• Chrome extension for updates on any new fundings matching your filters

• Thousands of recent company acquisitions with dozens more added every week


"Fundz helped me find startups that I couldn’t find in the other databases. I was able to make great connections and some really good sales!"



Chris Szentmiklosy, Insperity