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VR Startups Expected to Breakthrough and Prosper in 2021

Virtual reality, or VR, is nothing new. However, modern technology is making it more accessible at home, work, and during play. What are innovative startups doing to work VR to their advantage, and what can we expect from them across 2021 and beyond?

Building Material Startups and the Future of Construction

The way we build homes and offices is constantly changing. In the modern age, there is more pressure than ever on big businesses and construction firms to build more efficiently. But that's not the only issue they face! How are building material startups helping to change construction for good?

Dental Startups Aim to Make Experiences and Your Teeth Better

If there's one thing that unites most people, it is a dislike of going to the dentist. However, looking after your teeth is crucial. But are the technology and treatments used by dentists still up to scratch? There are many dental startups working to change dentistry for good, but, how?

Funeral Tech Startups: Expanding Your Burial Possibilities

It may not be an obvious sphere for startups to pivot into, but funeral tech is growing into big business. Whether making burials more energy-efficient or helping people achieve their funeral wishes, the industry is booming. But what are funeral tech ventures doing, in the US, to help transform end-of-life ceremonies?

Can Cloth Recycling Startups Produce a Revolution?

In a world where so much of our comestible items are recyclable, such as plastic, cardboard, textiles remain the anomaly. With so many clothing items thrown away to the landfill, there is growing concern over how to stop the 'clog.' Thankfully, while recycling textiles is tricky, some startups are working hard to change the future.

Machine-to-Machine Startups and Their Industry Impact

Technology is constantly advancing. This, unsurprisingly, is leading more and more companies to consider how they can replace human support. Machine to Machine startups, or M2M businesses, look at how tech can effectively communicate with itself. But how is this disrupting standards in the US?

B2B Startups in the US - Who's Leading the Way?

B2B startups are nothing new. However, in just a few short years, they are now, once again, hot property among investors. This is the case in the US. But what is it that leading B2B innovators in North America are doing to lead the charge?