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Food Waste Startups - Tackling a $3 Trillion Dollar Problem

One of the most significant hidden costs in the global economy is that of food waste. From farming through logistics through packaging and finally, retail and the consumer, startups are endeavoring to reduce food waste. The diversity of companies addressing the problem range from agricultural engineers to technology experts, and every little helps.

food waste startups

Inflight entertainment - Is there Space for Startups?

In terms of overall air travel, modern-day inflight entertainment is a relatively new idea. It wasn’t that long ago that inflight entertainment consisted of a book and making conversation with fellow passengers. The central shared screen was a thing of the 70s and those small screens of today the 90s.

inflight startups

Wind Energy Startups: A Look at Some Innovators

Getting into the energy space with oil, gas, and electricity may be a big ask for any startup. When it comes to renewable energy, things are a lot less daunting. With global demand for cheap and sustainable electricity, wind energy startups are becoming increasingly common and evermore successful.

wind energy startups

Portland Startups: A Group to Watch

It is safe to say that San Francisco continues to be the epicenter of innovation and enterprise in the US. However, other regions are quickly picking up the pace. Startups in various industries and spheres are emerging strong out of Portland, Oregon, for example. Let’s take a look at why this is the case in 2020.

Car Maintenance Startups: Worthy of Investment?

No matter how much car technology improves, they will always require maintenance. Therefore, it is safe to say that startups working in the vehicle maintenance sphere can expect a reliable demand. But what is it that car maintenance enterprises are doing to change the world, and how are they performing?

car maintenance startups

Telecare Startups: How Your.MD is Leading the Way

In 2020, the need for self-diagnosis grew exponentially as a result of various global crises. As we explored previously, telecare is a sphere that many startups are taking advantage of. One of the biggest success stories of recent times is Your.MD. How are they helping to change the game?

telecare startups

How Augmented Reality Startups are Disrupting Retail

Augmented reality, or AR, has emerged as a huge booster for entertainment and marketing in recent years. However, startups are also building business models around AR to change the world of retail too. What impact will this have on our shopping experiences in the years to come?

augmented reality startups-1

Biotech Startups vs Diabetes: Will Encellin Break the Mould?

Type 1 diabetes is rife across the US. Around five million Americans will face a diagnosis of the condition by 2050. In the here and now, approximately 1.25 million people are already living with type 1. However, startups such as Encellin are working to develop treatments and services to help people fight back.

encellin startup

Is Bark Changing the Game for Parental Control Startups?

Parental controls on devices that access the internet have never been more important. With children able to access harmful and potentially damaging content through phones and tablets, parental control startups such as Bark are helping us to change the way we protect our kids.

parental controls startups

EV Startups: Lucid Motors to Take on Tesla

When we consider EV startups, Tesla pops up as an example of significant success in the field. However, even Elon Musk's firm has seen ups and downs over the years. Could a new venture be about to threaten the auto manufacturer's crown in the months and years to come?

lucid motors startup

Agritech Startups: AppHarvest – the Indoor Farming Pioneer

Startups innovate in a wide variety of fields and spheres. Agritech, for many ventures, is emerging as a leading way to help sustainably grow more food. How is AppHarvest leading the way for enterprises everywhere? Let's take a closer look.

agritech startups

Lunchclub: Changing Startups’ Human Interaction for Good

The ways in which we network and connect with one another are constantly changing. However, the concept of human interaction isn’t quite dead in the water just yet. Lunchclub is one of a handful of startups making considerable strides in connecting people for the greater good, even in uncertain times.


In Search of ‘The Answer’ – Startups Supercharge Clinical Trials

In 2020, clinical trials are perhaps more critical than they have been for some time. In the race to push through a vaccine to combat a global crisis, startups are helping to speed up the process. But how exactly are they doing this, and what are some of the more common challenges facing trial arrangements in 2020?

strartups clinical trials

Startups’ Smart Masks Offer Multilingual Support and More

2020 has seen face mask sales expand almost exponentially. While many people in eastern territories may wear them to combat smog inhalation, recent crises have meant the west, too, has largely adopted the measure. But what are startups doing to enhance this personal protective equipment?

startups' smart masks

Industrial Robotics Startups Enter a Market Worth $73 Billion by 2025

For startups and larger firms, industrial robotics is growing increasingly lucrative. Statistics show that, while the industry is currently worth $44.6 billion, it could expand to as much as $73 billion in just five years. Let’s take a look at why this might be the case.

industrial robotics

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