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How Will a Venture Slowdown Impact Fintech Startups?

The past two years have led to dramatic change across various industries - fintech among them. In 2021, data shows that US fintech venture capital almost doubled year on year. Following the uncertainty of 2020, therefore, we may be forgiven for thinking fintech fortunes are on the rise. But are we heading straight into a downturn - and what will this mean for those working in the industry?

RegTech Startups: Helping Companies Meet Their Regulations

Any individual or company working in the financial industry expects to adhere to many different regulations. Money is extremely sensitive - and in many cases, companies turn to RegTech specialists to help navigate the red tape. RegTech, as it stands, reportedly made $5 billion in 2018. But what exactly is this niche, and what do RegTech startups do?

Ukrainian Startups in 2022: The Future Ahead

The Ukrainian situation continues to have an impact on a global scale. The impacts both tangible and intangible are devastating the country. It’s safe to say that Ukraine, pre-February 24th, 2022, had a thriving startups scene. Growth statistics show its tech sector alone grew by 36% in 2021.

India: The World’s Third-Largest Startup Ecosystem? Here’s Why

While many people will likely associate San Francisco as the startups capital of the globe, there’s excitement out east. Statistics show that India is undergoing incredible entrepreneurial growth! This is to the extent that, as of the start of 2022, there are now at least 83 different unicorns. That’s a massive boost in fortune for small enterprise owners nationwide.

Seattle Startups Building on Blockchain and Crypto

Blockchain - and, by extension, cryptocurrencies - are here to stay. The statistics speak for themselves - in 2021, we spent more than $6.6 billion on blockchain solutions globally. But why is this the case - and why are Seattle startups at the epicenter of it all?

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