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The Best Startups You Can Buy on StartEngine

Startups don’t always operate under the same owners or founders for life. Platforms and services such as StartEngine are fantastic for finding significant venture purchases. But how exactly does StartEngine work - and what are some prominent firms you can buy into right now?

Immigrant Founded Startups in the U.S. Declines - What's the Answer?

The U.S. is a hotbed of multi-culture. Political change aside over the past few years, immigrant entrepreneurship has made significant changes to the broader economy. However, it seems that entrepreneurs are taking to U.S. shores from abroad in fewer and fewer numbers. So why are immigrant startups apparently in decline?

The State of US Venture Capital and Its Spread

Venture capital interest - interestingly enough - is always likely to vary from state to state. This may be as a result of tech hubs, for example, in areas such as California. However, there have been some interesting shifts in startups and funding recently that are well worth paying attention to.

Megatrends in Startups Entrepreneurs Cannot Afford to Miss

What is a 'megatrend'? It's a trend or fad that has incredible potential - more so than your average phase. In the modern age, and concerning startups, 'megatrend' refers to those technologies at the precipice of going viral. But what are some of the more intriguing spheres and trends capturing interest on a global scale?

Common Launch Obstacles FinTech Startups Face

FinTech is a big word on many investors’ lips. Recent global events have led to people using banking and trading apps on mass. While FinTech may be popular with many, establishing successful startups isn’t without its challenges. Let’s consider some of the obstacles successful launches have to overcome.

Brain Food Startups are Launching Their First Products

The human brain is complex and wonderful. Therefore, it stands to reason that we should look after our own as carefully as possible. Startups across the USA are working to produce nutritional supplements to help support cognitive health. But how big is the market, and what can we expect?

Miami Startups? What You Need To Know

While California has long been the go-to for various US startups, it seems Florida is hot on its heels. Specifically, areas such as Miami are proving to be hugely lucrative for smaller businesses. But what is it about FL that’s so appealing to ventures and investors?  What do you need to know?

Pharma Startups: Will More Innovaters Bridge the Gap?

Big Pharma is, of course, a massive business. With startups helping to make waves in telecare and biotechnology, Pharma and small-scale innovators should make the perfect fit. However, we are yet to see a ‘boom’ of sorts. Why might this be the case?