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Life Sciences and Biotech Startups: Innovation in Biology

Biotechnology is increasingly exciting for many different reasons. Life sciences and biotech startups are helping us to re-evaluate our bodies and processes at cellular levels. Indeed, there are plenty of innovative companies striving to change medicine and research for decades to come. Let’s look at some examples.

Engineering Startups: What Are They Up To?

Engineering is a broad sphere. However, almost every industry in one way or another relies on engineer support. There are, of course, many startups aiming to change the way we see engineering for the better. Let’s see what we can expect from the most exciting players.

Four Real Estate Startups That are Changing the Industry

Despite massive global challenges, the real estate market is booming. Inside the US, this has never been more the case. In fact, it is partly thanks to innovative North American startups that the housing market continues to boom. But what are ventures in the US explicitly building towards?

3D Printing Startups Turn Printed Houses into Reality

How do you solve a widespread national problem like the housing crisis? You build more homes, of course. However, materials are scarce, and prices are high in many cases – which is why some startups are taking to 3D printing. Could this technology help to solve construction woes for decades to come?

3d printing startups

Hot and Innovative Digital Media Startups to Watch in 2021

Digital media is all around us: music streaming, phone apps, movies on demand. Also, programs and interfaces help keep us productive. We're in the midst of the digital revolution, and it's primarily thanks to innovative startups that this technology is still evolving. What are prominent innovators in the US doing to propel digital media forward even further?

The Unicorn Startups of Logistic Tech: Why Are They So Huge?

There will always be a need for logistics in the modern age. Ecommerce and home shopping, as well as growing commercial demand, ensure this. There are some tech startups funded to more than $1 billion in the name of making logistics smarter. What are their secrets?

Neurotech Startups – Merging Humans with Machines

As technology evolves, particularly in the healthcare sphere, engineers move more and more into human biology. Neurotech, in particular, is highly interesting and lucrative. Could we be communicating with our computers telepathically in future? Many startups believe this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Inspiring Smart Home Startups with the Power to Change Lives

We are living in the age of the smart home. At the tap and scroll of a smartphone screen, we’re able to dim the lights, close the curtains, and lock the doors. As you may imagine, there are plenty of smart home startups emerging. But how are they helping to change the game?

smart home startups

Dendron: The Startups Brainchild of Two Amazon Vets

We all need to take notes sometimes. But what happens when we lose track of the notes we create? Whether in meetings or everyday life, it can be challenging to keep track. Dendron is one of few startups looking to completely transform the note-changing game for the better.

Heat Map: The Impact of Cloud Computing Startups

While ‘the cloud’ as a concept is nothing new, its presence in the corporate sphere and at home is still growing. In fact, it is largely thanks to leading startups that cloud computing is continuing to evolve. But to what extent – and how are specific US cloud innovators helping to make daily processes more efficient?

Funding for Seattle Startups Reached a Record High in Q1

Despite societal change in 2020, it appears Seattle is ready to emerge in 2021 as a lucrative area for new business. Already, statistics show that VC interest in Seattle startups is growing to record statistics. Why is this the case – and which ventures are helping the boost?

Legal Tech Startups: Why Does Justice Need Them?

The law is a tricky business. With near-unlimited precedents and a cast-iron constitution, the demand for flexible support is growing in the US. Thankfully, many startups are striving to change legal processes through technology. But how, exactly?

legal tech startups

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