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Hot and Innovative Digital Media Startups to Watch in 2021

Digital media is all around us: music streaming, phone apps, movies on demand. Also, programs and interfaces help keep us productive. We're in the midst of the digital revolution, and it's primarily thanks to innovative startups that this technology is still evolving. What are prominent innovators in the US doing to propel digital media forward even further?

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The State of Digital Media, Stateside

In the US, it is clear on multiple levels that we are a nation of media consumers. Digital media is an integral player in modern life, whether through social media, TV streaming, or otherwise. The statistics speak for themselves.

Over 240 million people in the US use social media. This increased by 10 million year on year to Q1 2021. Effectively, almost three-quarters of the country use this form of digital media. However, that's not the most startling figure.

86% of US citizens, reportedly, get news updates via digital media or smart devices. TV is now the second-biggest player in this regard, with 68% of people relying on traditional broadcasting. However, the most staggering statistic is how many people in the US use the web and digital media.

86% of people on a household income of less than $30,000 use the internet regularly. Of those earning more than $75,000 per year, only 1% are not web users. Therefore, it's clear to see why digital media penetration is so important in the US.

What Are Startups Doing to Change the Game in 2021?

Therefore, it's worth taking a close look at what startups in the US are doing that's new and innovative. Yes – most of us have access to the web and smart devices, but what's fresh and exciting?

Wiser is a US firm that actively works to help build clearer advertising strategies on digital platforms. Irrelevant advertising through digital media is infuriating for users and a waste of time and money for companies. Therefore, Wiser's ever-growing analytics suite is helping firms probe deeper than ever into how to engage better with their audiences.

Zuddl is another media venture that's increasingly exciting to watch. This San Francisco firm is helping to streamline video conferencing and digital workspaces. With much of the US going remote in 2020, this is a brand with its finger on the pulse. After founding in January 2020, Zuddl is growing with a summer 2020 funding round worth $125,000.

On a different note altogether, MindSupply is helping to breathe a new sense of calm into people's lives. Specifically, this Missouri-based firm strives to collate art, music, creative writing, and meditative practice. Currently, in pre-seeding, MindSupply is making many different 'healthcare apps to watch' lists for 2021.

The Future of Digital Media

While only the biggest innovators will know quite what's coming next for media, it's clear this form of consumption is here to stay. Investors may find new digital media startups and trailblazers through databases such as Fundz. Who's to say where the next big thing will spring from?




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