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Aquaculture Startups: Changing The Way You Fish

Aquaculture is, at its simplest, all about fishing. It is effectively the farming of aquatic creatures and thus feeding the wider populace. However, aquaculture is under significant strain due to never-ending demand. What are startups doing to help make the industry more sustainable and profitable?

Three Successful Startups Led by LGBT Entrepreneurs

While some may feel that society is becoming more accepting of diversity, sadly, some barriers remain. Even the most successful, open members of the LGBT community continue to face pressures. However, inspiring news suggests that more and more startups led by LGBT founders are making waves across the US.

The Typology of Startups: 5 Different Ventures Worth Looking For

While startups will vary in niche and purpose, they can also vary in terms of setup and style. In this quick guide, we’ll take you through five of the main types of venture and what you can expect from them. Which of the following types suits your purpose the most?

Last-Mile Delivery Startups on the Rise in the US

Last-mile deliveries are growing ever popular. With e-commerce and home shopping having exploded in recent times, courier services are in hot demand. Therefore, it stands to reason that startups and innovators in the niche are working hard, too. Let’s take a look at the niche in detail.

COP26 and The US Tech Startups Fighting Climate Change

The planet is under attack from a variety of artificial challenges. COP26, this year’s global climate change conference, has recently wrapped up in the UK. While many of us are on the same page, the environment deserves novel digital innovations to help beat climate change.

Telehealth and Cultural Sensitivity: Dedner’s Hurdle Paves the Way

Mental health concerns are more prevalent now in the modern age than ever before. In light of recent global crises, several startups providing home mental healthcare have grown. However, for pioneering brand Hurdle, concerns stretch wider than mental struggles in and of themselves.

Water Startups Creating Purification Solutions for All

While we all rely on water, many people around the world still don’t have access to clean H2O. Water can, unfortunately, contain all kinds of hidden bacteria and nastiness that can cause widespread illness. Therefore, many water startups are working hard to help purify water for the better.

The Future of Learning: EdTech Startups Changing Education

We all learn in different ways - but technology, inarguably, has become hugely important in modern education. EdTech, therefore, has quickly emerged as a leading sphere in the modern age. But what exactly is EdTech - and how are EdTech startups helping to harness the movement for the better?

Construction Startups Tech: Trends to Watch

The way we design and build homes and business premises is constantly changing. Thanks to advancing technology, it’s getting easier and easier to bring real estate to life. But, what are some of the more intriguing construction startups focused on tech offering right now?

Marketplace Startups: Making Consumers Everywhere Smile!

E-commerce - or online shopping - is now a fixed part of our culture. It has never been simpler to open up an app, find the products we need, and buy. Given a change in climate since spring 2020, marketplace startups  apps' have skyrocketed in popularity. Let’s take a closer look.

Smart Homes Startups Building Their Fantastic Technology

Smart homes are here to stay - and across the US, we’re adopting more convenient lifestyle tech. From Amazon and Google voice assistants to automated lights and drapes, smart home tech is genuinely incredible. But what are smart home startups doing to change the game even further?

Telehealth Startups Bringing Healthcare to the Small Screen

The need for self-diagnosis and home medical care is growing. Following two difficult years of health management, the Telehealth industry is booming. You only have to look at a handful of big startups to see why. Let’s take a closer look at what’s going on in this niche.

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