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COP26 and The US Tech Startups Fighting Climate Change

The planet is under attack from a variety of artificial challenges. COP26, this year’s global climate change conference, has recently wrapped up in the UK. While many of us are on the same page, the environment deserves novel digital innovations to help beat climate change.

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Startups Recognizing the Planet’s Needs

COP26’s recent climax may mean that climate change is off the headlines for now, but the issue prevails. Multiple startups have been recognized by the conference as pivotal in the fight to protect the planet. Such ventures include the UK’s Agrisound, specializing in insect protection, and Earth Blox, a new way to observe the surface.

The US, meanwhile, is proud to put forward Irys, also recognized by COP26. This venture started life in 2017 and completed a $1.2 million round in 2020 alone. However, Irys’ approach is a little different from other companies on COP’s list.

Irys provides an app that effectively brings community leaders and everyday people together. Crucially, the aim is to help ignite discussions regarding wide-ranging issues. With communication breakdown being a significant problem for helping resolve climate change barriers, there’s lots to do. That said, Irys is at a pivotal point to lead the way in many respects.

The Irys model seeks to help communities find sustainable solutions to big problems with greater efficiency. With solid backing already behind the app, it’s clear it’s already making waves in the right direction.

Other Climate Change Fighters

US ventures doing their bit, individually, to help reduce carbon emissions stretch far and wide. A big stateside name that pops up on green and cleantech ventures is Rad Power Bikes. This Seattle firm grasped more than $329 million at Series D recently. They’ve seen a phenomenal growth of 1,425% over five years!

Crucially, RPB focuses on transforming the way we travel. With motor vehicles continuing to kick carbon into the atmosphere, e-bikes are growing ever popular. As such, RPB’s stock of innovations is incredibly inspiring.

Pachama, meanwhile, provides a carbon-friendly marketplace service for big companies and organizations. Crucially, Pachama aims to help firms with sustainable missions buy ‘carbon credits. The firm, funded to more than $24 million at Series A, works with forestry projects far and wide.

Apeel Sciences, meanwhile, is a pioneering CA firm revolving around food waste reduction. Boasting a recent funding round of $250 million, the firm creates oxygen-blocking layers from food waste. Crucially, their technology helps to use the food we throw away and protect the food we want to eat!

The Battle’s Just Begun

COP26 has been a headline-grabbing event in many ways. However, the fight to help protect the planet from further carbon damage is not even underway. Could tech innovation hold the key to preserving the environment?

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