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Water Startups Creating Purification Solutions for All

While we all rely on water, many people around the world still don’t have access to clean H2O. Water can, unfortunately, contain all kinds of hidden bacteria and nastiness that can cause widespread illness. Therefore, many water startups are working hard to help purify water for the better.

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Water Purification in Brief

Shockingly, only 71% of the planet has access to safe water management. That’s according to official statistics from the World Health Organization. The WHO further advises that nine out of ten of us have access to plain water. Contaminated water can kill - which is why purifying what we drink is such a big deal.

It’s thought that up to 22% of healthcare services in undeveloped countries have no access to clean water. This is a problem that, by and large, startups are working hard to try and remedy. Ventures in the US, in particular, are constantly innovating.

Startups Making a Difference to The World’s Water

Removing chemicals, bacteria, and viruses from drinking water is no easy feat. Naturally, hidden nasties are invisible to the naked eye. This means that there’s an ongoing need to develop and deploy efficient testing and treatment. What’s more, water purification goes beyond just drinking water.

One such firm, Aquacycl, focuses on bioelectrochemical services. The San Diego venture, funded to at least $20,000, is an emerging name in anaerobic bacteria technology. Specifically, their engineers use ‘healthy’ bacteria to help transform waste products. That means unsafe water and waste products effectively transform into usable energy and safe resources.

CycloPure is an Encinitas-based venture funded to at least $10 million. They produce an absorbent resource that helps to remove water pollutants. Their unique compound is known as DEXSORB - and it helps filter water at home and in the community. Their technology can even help to filter out chemicals that would otherwise drip straight through unnoticed.

ViaeX, meanwhile, uses a whole variety of analytics and chemistry solutions. Funded to more than $4 million, the company focuses on bio-waste transformation. Their main line is in nanofiltration - and this isn’t just helpful for drinking water. ViaeX’s technology and analysis is useful to help produce medical supplies and skincare products.

Crucially, we can see that US ventures are digging deeper to filter out invisible bugs and compounds. While base water filtration is ticking some of the right boxes, more needs to be done to deliver clean water to all.

Will We All Have Access to Clean Water?

It is bizarre to imagine that not everyone has the freedom to drink clean water freely at home. That’s why so many big ventures and emerging innovators are working hard to change the world. Water is all around us, and yet, very little of it is drinkable!

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