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New Horizons for Supply Chain Management Startups

The global supply chain is truly enormous - and yet, it remains sensitive to disruption. Statistics show that up to 22% of managers are willing to embrace new models to boost chain resilience. Could the answer lie in startups and innovators working purely in chain reinvention? New funding opportunities are appearing thick and fast - and robotics may hold the answer to chain-based headaches.


Are Startups Worth Investing In? Some Statistics to Consider

Investing in startups can seem a little precarious. On the one hand, investing in exciting new ideas - and passionate expertise - can be lucrative. However, various studies suggest around 80% of ventures are doomed to fail. Does this balance out at all for those injecting money into said schemes and innovators?

Five Promising Artificial Intelligence Startup Ideas for 2022

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is all around us. The future is automated - and millions of startups worldwide are taking full advantage of the latest tech. The global market size for AI will explode to $125 billion by mid-decade.

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