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Five Promising Artificial Intelligence Startup Ideas for 2022

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is all around us. The future is automated - and millions of startups worldwide are taking full advantage of the latest tech. The global market size for AI will explode to $125 billion by mid-decade.

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But how could AI help us from day to day - and what are ventures doing to help make life easier? Let's look at five major and exciting innovation niches set to harness AI for the better.

AI Healthcare Services

In recent years, the need for faster, more effective healthcare has grown immensely. Pressure has piled upon physical healthcare providers amid health crises impacting the planet. What's more, near-endless waiting lists for doctor referrals and checkups are proving immensely frustrating.

AI, therefore, is being harnessed to help diagnose and support people in need of medical attention. Machine learning, for example, is being deployed to help detect cancers early. What's more, AI can be trained to recognize tell-tale signs of specific conditions and ailments. Therefore, less pressure is placed upon physicians, and thus waiting lists can effectively shorten.

AI can also help physicians make more confident diagnoses and, therefore, clearer treatment plans. It's already used to help manage menial and repetitive tasks on a wide scale.

AI-Driven IT Services

AI is making a big splash in the IT industry in multiple different ways. For example, machines can learn about potential security flaws in infrastructures. This means programs can deploy to hunt down anomalies and gaps in code and know precisely how to remedy them. It could effectively remove the need for painstaking, manual analysis.

Startups harnessing AI for the IT industry may also choose to deploy technology to power automated assistance. Chatbots and AI support personnel are easier to build than ever before. They can learn extensively from their users (customers, clients, or even in-house testers).

Crucially, AI will have an immense place in data analysis for years to come. In 2022, with large-scale data growing exponentially, it's a safe assumption we all require help managing information. AI can help organize, scout out and isolate data for various means. For example, you may deploy AI to source specific macros for a sales intelligence plan.

Other ways ventures and innovators use AI in IT include machine translation, facial recognition, and even decision making. Crucially, machines could help us manage complex infrastructures that would otherwise take weeks to fully analyze manually. 

Energy and Cost-Cutting Startups

Energy prices are scaling upwards worldwide. Therefore, it stands to reason businesses and individuals want to know how to save power. This is not only from a cost-saving standpoint but also from an eco-minded pivot.

Therefore, innovators are already deploying AI to help learn how much energy is used for specific processes. This means that it can also be deployed to manage and allocate resources for future use carefully. It could make an immense difference concerning cost and wastage.

Startups are also using AI to evaluate and address consumption on many different levels. It can be deployed in sensor form to monitor usage in buildings. Furthermore, it can even notice irregularities and anomalies that require immediate action. All machines need - in most cases - are the right numbers and media to make informed decisions.

AI trained to manage energy usage will understand what to look for in future deployment. Users may simply be able to set their parameters and boundaries and delegate the rest to machines. This could be of immense benefit to both the health of our environment and to individuals striving to cut costs.

eLearning Startups

Innovators working in the eLearning niche are helping people to learn more efficiently. AI can process incredible amounts of data in short periods. It has the potential to read and aggregate data faster than the human brain! Therefore, eLearning specialists widely consider using machine learning to develop automated lesson plans.

AI can also help to support teachers and tutors on a global scale. Automated lesson planning and education can help pupils 'catch up' if need be. What's more, teachers may even be able to delegate large portions of their curriculums to machines. This can save exponential time and help students develop at a more comfortable pace.

AI can be used to help create personalized lesson plans, too. By learning more about a student's learning model, machines can create modules that connect with their preferred methods. This model could also be scalable to a near-infinite degree. eLearning is already breaking down barriers - AI could make matters all the more efficient.

AI Logistics

Managing a supply chain manually is painstaking, costly work. Therefore, entrepreneurs are creating machine-driven managers to help oversee stock levels and keep people informed.

Large, sprawling warehouses and complex chains are challenging to manage without the support of technology. Therefore, innovators develop models where logistics chains can be supervised from end to end. For example, AI can monitor inventory leaving a warehouse and when it is on the road for dispatch.

AI deployment in logistics allows for more efficient chain management. It also ensures less need for human oversight and, therefore, less room for human error. All around, these features can help cut costs and improve the quality of care and service.


Machine learning capabilities are advancing far beyond what most imagined possible. By automating daily tasks and costly endeavors, the potential for economic growth could be huge. What's more, ventures already using AI intend to help improve the lives of millions. The most appealing part of this is that AI learning is already here, and it's on the rise.

Startups harnessing the power of AI for health, IT, energy conservation, logistics, and education could change the world for good. Real-time data on ventures working deep in machine learning is ready to view now as part of your Fundz membership.




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