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The Future of Learning: EdTech Startups Changing Education

We all learn in different ways - but technology, inarguably, has become hugely important in modern education. EdTech, therefore, has quickly emerged as a leading sphere in the modern age. But what exactly is EdTech - and how are EdTech startups helping to harness the movement for the better?

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EdTech in Brief 

EdTech, essentially, is education supported by technology. If there are ways for technology to help enhance education quality or access to learning, they fall under this label.

For example, EdTech might be interactive content students can use to learn about everyday topics hands-on. It might be an app, or digital playground pupils can use to learn from afar. Or, it may even revolve around AI teaching and machine learning.

Crucially, the ultimate aim of EdTech is to help make education and learning both more accessible and more effective. Given recent global challenges, our classrooms have already changed massively in a short period.

But - what are US startups doing to help make EdTech more feasible and even more exciting?

Leading Startups in EdTech

EdTech has largely evolved in the past year to 18 months around the concept of distance learning. The reasons should be pretty obvious - but the actual learning delivery differs wildly from app to app. In fact, education doesn’t just start and end in the classroom. Many adults are taking on learning tools through EdTech to help pivot towards new careers and interests.

A great example is a MasterClass, a San Fransisco app that’s been funded to more than $475 million. Available worldwide, the service offers exclusive learning content to distanced students from big stars and famous names. For example, the service has taught us magic on behalf of Penn and Teller and storytelling from author Neil Gaiman.

On a different side to EdTech, HotChalk actively helps universities adapt to modern learning standards. This SaaS enterprise provides educational bodies with online course design and interactive tools. Specifically, the service allows established bodies to create and publish their bespoke courses on a digital platform. The service is worth more than $245 million in funding.

GoGuardian, meanwhile, is a CA-based firm working to help prevent distractions in the digital classroom. The firm’s software offers a fantastic filter and classroom management suite to keep students on task. This tool has already gained popularity, with educators struggling to curb both harmful and irrelevant online content.

Teachers Pay Teachers, meanwhile, is a New York enterprise focused on resource sales. An online marketplace, TPT allows teachers and tutors to buy and sell lesson plans and work modules. It’s a fantastic resource for all-around time-saving.

The Future of Education?

EdTech is a broad term and has an even broader scope. Technology is always helping us adapt to learning easier - and ventures clearly know the next steps to take.

Will we see more innovations from EdTech startups in the years to come? It’s highly likely. Take a closer look at data from Fundz for immediate insight.


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