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Startups and their IPOs - Top Five of the Year

2020 has been a tough year for companies of all sizes and all sectors. Despite the challenges, Startups have had a good year, and the number of IPOs proves that 2020 was not all doom and gloom. The world needs a dose of positivity, and IPOs are just that and should give hope to small businesses in the year ahead.

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A Positive Year Amid Global Challenges

New ideas and passionate people cannot be stopped, and the economy, despite the recent turmoil, still keeps moving. Out of adversity comes success, and the number of newly founded startups in 2020 has been considerable.

Senior Startups Prove Age is No Barrier to Entrepreneurship

One of the most famous startup stories in history is that of Colonel Sanders and Kentucky Fried Chicken. At the age of 65, the Colonel sold his first restaurant and put his effort into what has become a worldwide brand. There is no upper limit to the age at which you can become an entrepreneur, and being older could well be an advantage.

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Seattle Startups Raising Funds Right up to the Year's End

What do you imagine when you think of Seattle? Lush Evergreen Forests? Frasier? (the series was never filmed there, by the way). Seattle seems a somewhat understated city, peaceful with that laid back feel. Behind the peace of this city lays a Startup finding boom like nowhere else in the US. Seattle is fast becoming home to some of the most innovative entrepreneurs in America, if not the world. Why is this?


Remote Startups & the Remote Workforce: Predictions for 2021

2020 for many personal, global, and business reasons, has been a year to forget. Both local and international economies have been hit hard, and workers have had to become productive from home or risk their health. However, it’s common knowledge that adversity breeds innovation, and other than for COVID-19, this year could be remembered as the year of remote startups and the remote workforce. But what about 2021? What can we predict?

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Retail Startups Will be at the Forefront of a Powered Recovery

2020 has been a tough year for the economy. While the Coronavirus pandemic still headlines internationally, there are growing numbers of people and companies focused on rebooting the economy.

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What all Startups Want or Wish They Had for Christmas

2020 has been a tough year for everyone, and startups especially have found it challenging. Christmas is coming, and nearly everyone has a festive wish or two. What would the wishes be for anyone starting a business or running a relatively new business? It could be anything, but 2020 is bound to deliver some different answers simply because of the Coronavirus Pandemic.


What Makes Invention Startups Stand Out From the Crowd?

Anyone starting a business wants it to be successful. As a startup, success is your end goal, and it is the same end goal for every entrepreneur or small business owner. For success, you need a good idea, and if you want to stand out and be noticed, you need to be innovative.

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Space Startups Shoot for the Moon

Since the dawn of time, humanity has been fascinated by the moon. The first moon landings in 1969 had the entire world looking up to the sky and glued to TV and radio. More recently, China has sent a probe to the moon that is returning as this article is being written. All this activity has woken entrepreneurs up to the fact that the moon is, or could be, the best place for a startup business.

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AI Startups Get the Headlines, But Don't Forget IPA Startups

Only a couple of decades ago, startups that involved technology were considered advanced. In a short space of time, technology, development, and application have become very commonplace. In the past technology, ventures were all about creating new technology. While this is still true, new companies in the technology space today are about improving, changing, and automating.

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Celebrity Endorsements & Investments Give Startups An Edge

Celebrities are renowned for wanting exposure, and many of them find interesting ways to gain it. Growing numbers of them are becoming business savvy and recognize the importance of small business. Today many startups are either started by celebrities or have been partially funded and endorsed by one. Getting involved with a small business is very much a win-win situation.

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Startups Giving Teenagers Their Kicks

Many of us wish we had started a company when we were younger. As teenagers, we had the amazing, not always plausible, idea, we never got round to doing it. Today, some teenagers have started or are running some of the most amazing startups. People will either get secretly jealous or wildly amazed. Teenagers today are the future of business and world changers.

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How Startups Utilizing PR Stand Out From The Crowd

It was believed to be Phineas T. Barnum that said: “there is no such thing as bad PR.” While this may not be entirely true, it can at least be said the startups who use PR do stand out. Getting exposure for a new product, brand or company is where most new ventures struggle. PR is, therefore, of considerable importance, and most small businesses know that PR can sometimes make or break a company.


Solar Startups & The Production of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)

The demand for energy is increasing every year, and green energy production is more critical than ever before. The DOE is funding research into supercritical carbon dioxide (sCO2), a key driver for super-efficient solar energy. Solar startups are taking up the challenge and finding innovative ways to make concentrated solar power (CSP).

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