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What Makes Invention Startups Stand Out From the Crowd?

Anyone starting a business wants it to be successful. As a startup, success is your end goal, and it is the same end goal for every entrepreneur or small business owner. For success, you need a good idea, and if you want to stand out and be noticed, you need to be innovative.

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Innovation and Invention

There is a fine line between innovation and invention. An invention can be innovative, and a company that focuses on an invention needs to remain focused but open to new ideas about how it is used. A company focused on invention stands out by having a product or service that does things better or differently.

Facebook could be classed as an invention that helped people communicate clearly. To remain where Facebook is, innovation has been required. Innovators have been the ones who have found new ways of using the Invention (Facebook) and thus continually improve things.

Examples of Invention and Innovation

To show the difference between an invention and an innovator, there are a couple of examples. These both show how an inventor company stands out from the crowd and how they keep ahead.

The Desktop Computer had been around for some years. The Laptop PC took the technology, made it portable, and innovatively changed how the world worked.

Google was an invention that changed how the internet was used. Google Glass and self-driving cars are innovative uses of Google.

Making Money out of Restless Fingers

One of the most brilliant and perhaps annoying inventions of the 21st Century has to be fidget wheels and the Fidget Cube. Lesser-known company Antsy labs, founded by Mark McLachlan in 2014, raised $6.5 million to create a simple desktop toy.

The fidget cube took off almost instantly and has found mass appeal. Solving known issues of stress and when thinking many people simply fiddle with something, Antsy Labs has been a name for itself. This is very much one of the “I wish I had thought of that” invention startups that is now finding innovative new ways to take its invention further.

Allergy Awareness

Necessity is the mother of invention, and Awearables is a small company that is just that. Educating kids about their allergies is challenging, and raising $30,000, Iris Shamus made things simple.

By inventing a range of fun bracelets called Allerbands, a simple idea that keeps kids safe is now sold via 7,000 outlets in the United States. Very often, the reason why invention startups stand out is because of simplicity. Today, the Allermates company, the company behind Awaearables, runs a simple yet effective business operation and is expanding internationally.

Finding Out About Invention Startups

Startups are fascinating companies, and finding out more about them is not always that easy. New businesses that have started with some fantastic new products are sometimes tough to find out about. To find out more, Fundz is the perfect tool, a comprehensive database of small and growing companies that have raised funding. 



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