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The Rise of Femtech Startups

Femtech is more than a trend. Short for 'female technology,' it appears that startups worldwide are focusing more than ever on women's health. But what are US ventures, in particular, working on to help make women's lives easier? What does the future hold for the femtech sphere?


Micromobility Startups: The Future of Public Transport?

Micromobility is quickly becoming a viable solution for helping to reduce congestion and pollution in our cities. Statistics show that, by 2030, 60% of the world’s population will live in city settings. With the global population set to tip 8.5 billion by this time, congestion will only keep growing. So – are micromobility startups providing the answer in the US?

Diversity Helps Startups Thrive and Succeed

In the modern age, diversity is a crucial societal component. Without it, people risk marginalization and missing out on opportunities purely based on natural circumstances. Startups, as leading innovators, have a duty to show as much inclusivity as possible. But how can diversity itself help support venture growth?

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Conservation Startups: Can They Help The Environment?

According to scientists, humans are causing significant harm to our planet. The world is getting warmer, and beyond that, the ice caps are melting. With such a huge push for companies and individuals to go carbon neutral, startups are following suit. Let’s take a look at a few conservation startups aiming to save the planet while they can.

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Cannabis Startups: Dutchie Valued at $1.7 Billion

While marijuana may still be contentious in US law, more and more cannabis startups are developing innovations. One such venture riding high after funding injections is Dutchie, leading the way for safer cannabis resources. But how is Dutchie helping to change the way cannabis distributes across the US?

US Longevity Startups: Could the Fountain of Youth become a Reality?

For centuries, humanity has strived to reverse the aging process. As the decades pass, wrinkle creams and serums remain extremely popular. However, some startups in the US are looking to go deeper than oils and ointments.

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US Steel Startups Power On to Disrupt a Stalwart Industry

The need for steel is never going away. That, ultimately, is a significant issue – as while steel and iron ore are endlessly versatile, their refinement is problematic. US startups, therefore, are working hard to develop cleaner steel production solutions. But can they change the industry for good?

Port of Seattle and Maritime Blue Startups Accelerator

Did you know that there are specialized accelerators for startups all over the US? In fact, this is a global trend. However, one of the most exciting accelerators to emerge in recent years has been on home soil. Washington’s Maritime Blue scheme is helping seafaring innovations find their funding.

Virtual Physical Therapy Startups – Revolutionary Treatment Changes

SpineZone is a name growing in importance for startups, and it is the latest to emerge as a marvel in the medical scene. Through a reportedly revolutionary app, the tech venture poises to change how people in the US view spinal and back treatment. But how do they aim to bring such widespread change?

What Can the Biden Administration Do to Help American Startups?

2021 saw significant changes in the US Government, with Joe Biden becoming President and the Democratic Party retaining control in Congress. This is likely to mean a raft of big changes in policy countrywide for time to come. But what does it mean for US startups, and what do experts predict will happen in the months and years ahead?

Air Taxi Startup Lilium Promising to Transform US Transport

Transport startups are always thinking outside of the box. Lilium, a German venture gaining serious ground in the US, strives to normalize the 'flying taxi'. They are currently celebrating a massive launch in Florida, which could lead to a public transit revolution.

Startups 2021: Trends and Sectors to Watch

2021 will hopefully be an exciting year for many reasons. Beyond the global strains of 2020, this will be a year where many ventures think more bravely about the future. But what trends and sectors, if any, are looking to grow in popularity in the year to come?

Manufacturing as a Service: Emerging Technologies and Startups

Manufacturing as a Service, or MaaS, is growing all the more popular cross-industry and worldwide. But what exactly is MaaS, what implications does it have for commerce, and how are startups harnessing it? Let’s take a look at what it all means and some big companies making strides in MaaS this year.

Startup Conferences 2021 - What's in Store?

2021 is a year many will hope to be the one where things "get back to normal". For startups, that means readapting all over again. That's why many founders will be looking at conferences and workshops for inspiration. Why not – as there are plenty emerging, as you can see from our guide below.

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