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US Longevity Startups: Could the Fountain of Youth become a Reality?

For centuries, humanity has strived to reverse the aging process. As the decades pass, wrinkle creams and serums remain extremely popular. However, some startups in the US are looking to go deeper than oils and ointments.

longevity startups

In the US, life expectancy is around 78 years old at the time of writing. This figure increases as years go by, but there is still a thirst to prolong life. What's more, there is a thirst amongst people to stay looking as young as possible.

Sources advise that anti-aging markets were worth around $850 million in direct funding alone in 2018. By the middle of the current decade, insiders believe longevity could be worth more than $271 billion.

It is worth considering what innovators offer in terms of longevity 'extenders.' Some focus on biological means. This is where ointments, treatments, and serums may apply. Others, however, may go deeper with technology. This, theoretically, could involve editing DNA. Science fiction may even come into play, as some suggest transferal of human consciousness into tangible data.

Of course, many of the more ambitious technologies may be decades away from going mainstream. However, a handful of US-based startups are working hard to harness the lucrative 'Fountain of Youth.'

US Startups Turning Back The Clock

To start, we need to consider a US-based venture that lays its focus down in its name. Human Longevity is a growing firm benefiting from around $300 million in direct funding. This team of innovators focuses on the human genome to enhance medicine to prolong our lives. Their main project is crafting a colossal database of genome data.

Unity Biotechnology is an intriguing venture that also aims to prolong life, if not turn back time. Their focus lies in therapeutic treatments, with claims that even reversing aging diseases is possible. Investors believe in the cause, to the tune of more than $200 million at present.

Elysium is a company focusing more on regeneration. Specifically, this firm researches and analyzes conditions that can impact our body's ability to 'bounce back. The venture is, at the time of writing, worth at least $29 million in funding.

Finally, it is worth mentioning Calico. Calico is a venture offshoot of Google, with funding of more than $1.5 billion. Specifically, Calico focuses on harnessing technology to help boost healthier lifespans. Much of their budget applies to research – with a long-term plan in mind.

Could We Stop the Aging Process?

For the longest time, the aging process has been an unstoppable force. But how long will that last?

There are startups across the US that are keen to push to change the way we see science and medicine. Could there be any limits to the human experience? Investors eager to find out more may use startup databases such as Fundz to find the next big player in the anti-aging game.




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