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Crunching The Numbers: Top Funded Data and Analytics Startups

Big data is continuously growing - therefore, so is the need for more in-depth analysis! Startups across the US are working tirelessly to tap into the data we use every single day. But, what do some of the most funded ventures have to offer us? Let's take a look below.

Lab-Grown Diamond Startups Make Stone Sustainable

Diamonds are forever, or so we’re told - however, there is much to be said for mining and manufacturing. Lab-grown diamonds are growing increasingly popular and hold just as much dazzle as the real deal. However, startups are working to make jewel production more sustainable - let’s take a look at how.

AI Startups: The Future Arrives Today!

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is growing more prevalent across the US and around the world. Technology has advanced to such a checkpoint where we can delegate many complex and automated tasks to machines. But, how are AI startups taking advantage - and what are some of the unlimited possibilities?

Biodegradable Startups: Creating Materials for an Eco-Conscious Age

Biodegradable products are growing ever more popular. With the world clearer than ever on how we are damaging the planet, millions are adopting eco-friendly lifestyles. Biodegradable startups across the US, too, are helping us protect the planet with earth friendly materials. Let’s dive into the niche.

Synthetic Silk Startups: Companies Reshaping Silk Production

As a species, we have relied on silk for centuries. It is seen as an incredible resource in manufacturing clothing, textiles, cosmetics, and medicine. However, there are many concerns over silk usage harming the environment. So, what are startups doing with synthetic silk to help turn the tide?

Keto Startups Bringing Healthy Fat to the US

Keto is one of several diet movements in recent years that is helping to turn what we know about nutrition on its head. The keto or ketogenic diet reduces carbs and ups the fats. But how are Keto startups working to bring this movement to the American masses?

Can You See Me? Innovative Eyewear Startups From the US

Spectacles wearers, rejoice - there are more choices in innovative eyewear now than ever before. But just how has this market evolved in a few short years? In this guide, we’ll take a look at a handful of eyewear startups working to make glasses genuinely eye-catching.

The Drone Age? 5 US-Based Drone Startups

Drones offer more than just a flighty diversion. They’re extremely useful for photography, videography, and land surveying, too. In fact, many drone startups are continuing to innovate with drone technology well into the New 20s. Here are just a few of them worth watching right now.

Can We Change Steel? Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Start-Ups to Watch

Heavy manufacturing, while crucial to society, is often detrimental to the planet. In particular, steel production creates an immense volume of CO2 emissions. Therefore, innovators and startups are working to develop new, sustainable standards for manufacturing. Is this the future of industrial manufacture - and who’s making significant strides?

Best Lead Generation Tools to Get More Targeted Leads

Generating leads for your business is not just about collecting data of people who can be your potential customer. Lead generation is a lengthy process that includes several steps like lead nurturing, lead qualifying, etc.  

Enlightenment Startups: Companies Changing Yoga and Wellness

Yoga, while an ancient practice, is still seen as a rather modern path to enlightenment. The concepts of yoga and wellness in the west have grown hugely in recent years. These startups across the US make it easier for people to stretch and pose from home, too!

5 Revolutionary Agritech Startups

Agritech is constantly growing. Our reliance on crop harvesting has never been bigger - the global population is growing, too! That’s why more and more startups are innovating new ways to make farming and agriculture more efficient. Here are a few agritech startups working hard to transform the sphere even further.

Where is the No-Code Startups Boom Taking Us?

How we program and build software is constantly evolving. While lines and lines of code have been commonplace in program-building for decades, that seems ripe to change. Many startups are pushing for a no-code revolution - but what does that all amount to?

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