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Lab-Grown Diamond Startups Make Stone Sustainable

Diamonds are forever, or so we’re told - however, there is much to be said for mining and manufacturing. Lab-grown diamonds are growing increasingly popular and hold just as much dazzle as the real deal. However, startups are working to make jewel production more sustainable - let’s take a look at how.

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Why Synthetic Diamonds?

The growing market for lab diamonds is primarily emerging through ethics and affordability. Lab-grown diamond is still natural. However, it has a slight edge in terms of value over the ‘real thing’.

Lab-grown diamonds are, ultimately, kinder to the planet. There are hundreds of thousands of minerals wasted purely to mine diamonds every year. Not only that, but this helps to disrupt the local ecosystem.

Lab-grown diamonds are always ethically produced. This means there are no concerns over who is mining and producing said gems. The blood diamond trade continues to shock many worldwide - and laboratory alternatives are seen as safer, more humane operations.

Therefore, it is easy to see why innovators across the US are striving to get into game-changing diamond creation! It is a matter of saving the planet, saving people, and saving money.

Cutting Down on Carbon

Carbon emissions and environmental damage are huge concerns affecting us all - and mining efforts appear to add to the problem. The growing thirst and need for lab diamonds, therefore, are rising. However, there are also reported concerns concerning emissions raised during synthetic production too.

Let’s glance across two of the emerging laboratory diamond producers making sustainable strides in the US.

Diamond Foundry

Diamond Foundry remains one of the biggest names in lab diamond startups. This is partly to do with their connections to Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio. The actor reportedly invested in the firm after learning more about the diamond industry while filming ‘Blood Diamond’.

However, to a funding tune of $352 million, the company stretches beyond its celebrity endorsements. The growing venture produces more than 10,000 diamond carats per year. With lab and studio spaces based in Silicon Valley and LA, they continue to tap away at the lucrative ‘raw’ diamond market.

J2 Materials

J2 Materials, based in Morton Grove, has funding of more than $1.5 million behind the scenes. This venture, however, focuses more on helping to make diamond labs more sustainable.

J2 Materials creates a process through which less methane is produced during gem creation. What’s more, they strive to help diamond labs through hydrogen splitting - through water deconstruction.

Their impressive funding indicates that J2 Materials decarbonization technology is growing ever more popular. Could this be the sustainable standard for diamond creation for years to come?

Will All Diamonds Come from Labs in the Future? 

It is unclear whether or not all for-market diamonds will be lab-grown in the years to come. However, statistics show there is a hunger for them.

In the meantime, be sure to consult real-time information via Fundz for the latest in sustainable jewelry innovation!



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