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5 Revolutionary Agritech Startups

Agritech is constantly growing. Our reliance on crop harvesting has never been bigger - the global population is growing, too! That’s why more and more startups are innovating new ways to make farming and agriculture more efficient. Here are a few agritech startups working hard to transform the sphere even further.

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Smallhold – Brooklyn, NewYork

Smallhold is an intriguing Brooklyn, NY venture that specializes in mushrooms! Specifically, they produce and ship technology to restaurants and food stores to grow herbs and fungi in-house. Their vertical agritech farms are highly efficient.

Sources suggest that their innovative in-house technology has already claimed more than $28 million. With five investors on board, the future may very much revolve around fungi!

FBN – San Carlos, California 

FBN, based in San Carlos, is said to be worth more than $517 million. While Smallhold focuses on growing food, FBN gives farmers and producers incredible insight. This means that they can easily track how things are growing and what they need to keep things moving at prices they can afford.

Ultimately, it is a data-sharing platform. FBN is working hard to analyze real-time data to break down barriers. There may be no better way to facilitate agriculture growth in the modern age.

Vestaron - Durham, North Carolina

Vestaron is an enterprise that turns to spiders for support! Specifically, they source natural pesticides from spider peptides. This means that agriculture specialists can use natural products to deter mini beasts from their crops. Therefore, there is less chance of damage or spoilage from harmful chemical options.

The company has been operating since 2005 and has secured more than $111 million in funding. They aim to make pesticides more protective to crops and plantations - and less damaging.

GrubMarket – San Francisco, California

GrubMarket is a highlight of the agritech startups scene in San Francisco. Founded in 2014, the venture specializes in connecting local farmers with consumers hungry for organic produce. According to the latest figures, their platform is already worth more than $320 million in funding alone.

Their product is designed to be an end-to-end service for households keen to avoid GM and chemical additives. What’s more, this line in agritech is supporting independent farms - helping them find niche buyers. Even better, there are shopping apps available! 

EarthSense - Champaign, Illinois 

EarthSense, worth more than $3 million in funding, uses robot technology to help monitor crops. Their tiny robots aren’t just cute - they use sensors to determine growth and stunt factors that might impact harvesting.

What’s more, their robots are entirely autonomous. Their products are designed to deliver clearer data and help take away much of the legwork.

Are Agritech Startups Here to Stay?

Agritech is shaping up to be more than just a buzzword. The niche is focusing on making food travel further than ever before. Could miniature robots and in-house mushroom farms be the future across the board?

It may be time to look a little closer at Fundz. Real-time data and funding breakdowns for agritech startups are waiting to be unveiled.



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