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AI Startups: The Future Arrives Today!

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is growing more prevalent across the US and around the world. Technology has advanced to such a checkpoint where we can delegate many complex and automated tasks to machines. But, how are AI startups taking advantage - and what are some of the unlimited possibilities?

AI startups

Startups Making AI Work

AI venture founders are working hard to bring big changes to everyday life. Whether it’s making existing processes more efficient or offering greater support to niche demand, AI is a game-changer.

Let’s consider some of the startups in the US currently working to harness the power and possibilities of AI. How could they change our everyday lives?

Abnormal Security

Based out of San Francisco, Bay-based Abnormal Security recognizes the need for smarter cyber filtering. Specifically, the firm uses behavior profiling and machine learning to help identify phishing attempts via email. It’s a massive business, as email attacks have cost the economy almost $2 billion in 2020 alone.

The firm made Forbes’ AI50 list, showcasing AI ventures worth watching beyond 2021. The company’s already worth more than $500 million, with funding of $74 million so far.

Eightfold.Ai, based in Mountain View, focuses on talent matching. Specifically, this venture pivots towards corporate climbers looking for that perfect break - as well as companies retaining talent. The software used by is helping companies to maintain team members who suit their goals and targets. Machine learning and analysis even help to fulfil diversity quotas, too.

At the end of 2020, had already claimed $125 million and was again recognized by Forbes that year.


Based out of NYC, LogicMonitor serves SMEs looking for smoother support with IT. Specifically, their dashboard kits allow users to gain a clearer insight into broader infrastructure. LogicMonitor ticks away in the background, performing automated health checks - and its modular scalability is a one-size solution.

This growing solution will likely continue appealing to businesses in the cloud age. It’s becoming an essential tool in the dismantling of inefficient infrastructure.


In the Zoom age, there is a growing need to capture and transcribe virtual meeting minutes carefully. DeepGram, a Los Altos firm, provides speech recognition support that goes deeper to analyze recorded audio. It’s another inductee into Forbes’ AI50 for 2021.

DeepGram has already claimed funding for $39 million. It is emerging in a niche that is increasingly competitive but reportedly has an edge. That edge - intriguingly - is its built-in ability to learn and analyze phonetic patterns closely.

What’s Next for AI?

Artificial intelligence and machine education are undoubtedly the future for corporate efficiency. However, we also see machine capabilities improve at home too. It is unlikely that AI will make human roles cross-industry obsolete altogether - instead, it’ll help make them easier!

AI is a big driver for growing startups across the US and the wider planet. Fundz has plenty of real-time data for you to peruse - could you find the next big innovation?



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