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Biodegradable Startups: Creating Materials for an Eco-Conscious Age

Biodegradable products are growing ever more popular. With the world clearer than ever on how we are damaging the planet, millions are adopting eco-friendly lifestyles. Biodegradable startups across the US, too, are helping us protect the planet with earth friendly materials. Let’s dive into the niche.

biodegradable startups

Biodegradable Materials at a Glance

Biodegradable materials do what they say - they degrade naturally and safely into our local environment. Instead of risking plastics and polymers choking our water and air for centuries to come, these materials decay with no additional harm.

Crucially, it is materials such as plastic, particularly single-use, that are causing such a concern. Single-use plastic is quickly disposed of and does not degrade in the wild for centuries. Believe it or not, it can take up to 1,000 years for a plastic bag to fully degrade!

Therefore, startups are working hard to develop sustainable, affordable, conscionable alternatives.

Startups in the Niche

Thankfully, those ventures working in this niche also have some excellent traction amongst investors.

100BIO, for example, is helping to make troublesome styrofoam a thing of the past. Their biodegradable alternative reportedly breaks down into the environment in a little over two months. What’s more, the sheer production demand of this material is two-thirds less intensive than the mainstream.

Novomer, based in Rochester, works hard to produce green plastics for wide use across the US. They’ve been in the niche since the early 00s and are already worth more than $46 million in a challenging sphere. They actively take CO2 and use them to create polymers more sustainable for the environment. Novomer works to create eco-friendly chemical solutions, too.

NatureWorks has been in the niche longer than Novomer, mind, and with $150 million in funding thus far. The company works, too, with biogas, though specifically with 3D printing in mind. They’re focused on producing material with reduced fossil emissions, too.

BioCellection is a CA-based firm that largely deals in plastic bag conversion. As mentioned, plastic bags take centuries to degrade. Therefore, the experts at the firm work hard to convert non-degradable into valuable items and fashion. For example, you can even purchase ski jackets made from recycled plastic!

Recycling is still so important. While it is well-worn advice, ventures across the US and globally are working hard to turn down the damage.

Can These Ventures Reverse Plastic Pollution?

Unfortunately, many state that as far as plastic pollution is concerned, much of the ‘damage is done’. However, there is still work we can do to help prevent any further damage from taking place. We already know that plastic is a primary concern when it comes to choking natural resources. Why shouldn’t we strive to use something different instead?

That, crucially, is what ventures are doing - to raise awareness of alternatives and make them more accessible.

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