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The Global Startups System: A Tale of Three Cities

Startups arise in all corners of the globe. However, there are many major cities where things are particularly 'built' for venture success. The US in itself has plenty of emerging cities helping small ventures achieve their dreams. Let's take a look at three cities changing the culture on a global scale.

Pet Care Startups Making Major Tracks

We all love our pets - and why wouldn’t we? Cats, dogs, rabbits, and the more exotic - they all deserve our care. In fact, many startups across the globe are helping us pamper and preen our pets like never before. Let’s look at the pet care market and see what we can expect from innovators.

Emerging Nation Consumer Credit Startups in the Spotlight

Consumer credit is an ever-growing industry growing. However, many may not know that the need doesn’t stop in North America or Europe. In fact, nations such as India and Brazil are overseeing a rapidly expanding consumer credit niche. But to what extent - and what are startups doing within the sphere?

Wealthtech Startups: Your Guide to a Booming Industry

Financial management gets more complex the more money you make. This is especially true if you're a fervent investor or run your own business. Many startups, therefore, are diving deep into wealthtech - combining evolving technology with wealth management. Here's our overview of the niche and the ventures making a difference.

Top Four Convenience Choices Created By Food Startups

Convenience foods are pretty much what they say they are. It’s food and drinks that are easy to make and even easier to eat. Did you know that many startups are actively working in this niche both at home and abroad? Let’s take a closer look.

Scaled Agile Framework for Startups: Why Is It Such a Hit?

Startups thrive on being able to pivot. On paper, the smaller the company, the easier it should be to adapt and evolve. However, that is not always the case. With that in mind, why is the scaled agile framework concept proving so popular with founders and innovators?

A Green Future with Sustainable Finance Startups

In the New 20s, sustainability is a huge facet of everyday life. However, while many of us are concerned about our daily waste and carbon, what about money? Sustainable finance is a niche that many startups are looking into - let’s see what that entails.

African Tech Startups: On Their Way to Greatness?

While tech startups have long been successful in the West, the sphere is just getting started in Africa. With interest in technological innovation growing on the continent, investors are keen to take advantage. But what do African tech startups need to grow and prosper?

Brewing Up a Business: Coffee Startups Changing Our Favorite Drink

Coffee is a massive business indeed. While it may seem as though bean brews can’t be improved upon, innovators are still working hard in the niche. So, what’s changing in the coffee world, and what do coffee startups have in mind?

Chinese Startups: What's Happening Entering 2022?

China’s startup scene is exploding. While it’s easy to see success stories from the west, there are plenty of strides being made out east, too. With that in mind, how are Chinese startups faring in  innovation success - and what are the main drivers?

Market Research for Startups: What Newbies Need to Know

Every business has to start somewhere - that’s where the term startup comes from. However, market research can be tricky for the unassuming founder or innovator. With that in mind, what can founders do to better research their market and niche? This article covers some crucial must-do’s.

Can Hydrogen Startups Make the World More Green?

Without hydrogen, much of the world as we know it simply wouldn’t run. However, there are different grades of hydrogen and different ways to source the element. But what exactly is green hydrogen, and why does it matter that startups invest in the resource?

The Future is Now - Urban Air Mobility Startups

While we are all aware of air travel, the concept of getting from A to B via the sky is evolving. We commonly use airplanes to travel long distances. But, what about commuter travel? Urban air mobility startups are looking to make easy-access flights a reality.

The New Infrastructure Bill: What Does It Mean for U.S. Startups?

Recent news regarding US fiscal stimuli has excited many people working in technology across the country. Legislation, headed as part of President Joe Biden’s infrastructure package, will provide billions to industries across the states. How will this affect U.S. startups, and who might benefit?

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