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The New Infrastructure Bill: What Does It Mean for U.S. Startups?

Recent news regarding US fiscal stimuli has excited many people working in technology across the country. Legislation, headed as part of President Joe Biden’s infrastructure package, will provide billions to industries across the states. How will this affect U.S. startups, and who might benefit?

U.S. Startups

Greener Travel

One of the key industries set to benefit from the plan includes green travel and EV. At least $174 billion, it appears, is earmarked for electric vehicle expansion and their technology. It’s hot on the heels of the fact that the Presidency is already pledging to boost EV chargers across the board.

This financial boost could mean colossal growth for startups in the engineering and deployment of EV technology. More charger points and more money for infrastructure could mean faster research and city adaptation. Therefore, ventures working on cutting carbon could hit their green targets sooner.

US EV drivers in need of broader support for battery charging will benefit, too. A new infrastructure for EV will open many doors to engineering firms working with the popular tech. US EV has a long way to go - and this boost might help.


Cybersecurity is a huge deal in modern times, and at least $2 billion is earmarked to develop initiatives. It’s thought this funding will split into pots for upgrading software and hardware and those for federal emergency management.

This healthy investment will likely mean ventures in cybersecurity spheres are in higher demand. Direct funding will encourage local and federal authorities to take a closer look at innovations. What’s more, it is likely to inspire investors to bring additional money to security innovation across the board.

With direct funding, Washington Cybersecurity Services can ensure that security innovation remains a priority in this field.

Climate Change Engineering

One of the significant issues in the modern age is, of course, climate change / global warming. A key component in much of the Biden Presidency’s policy plan thus far, the infrastructure boost brings an extra $100 billion+ to the table.

For ventures in this niche, it means cleaner power can take a few extra strides towards research and development. It also ensures that companies in the sphere will get renewed interest and priority thanks to newly available funds.

Research into new ways to help lower carbon emissions will never stop evolving. However, there is a funding ceiling - which is why innovators such as those in renewable energy will benefit here. Solar PV, clean nuclear, and hydro innovations are all likely to benefit from the attention.

A New Age for Startups?

Thanks to the infrastructure stimulus, it is clear that the US may be approaching a ‘new age’. That is, in terms of venture focus. Smaller businesses are helping to propel the country through very confusing times. Could this new financial stimulus provide something of an answer? With a focus on green innovation and technology across the board, hopes are high.

In the meantime, information regarding startups and their funding is readily available through Fundz. Take a look at some companies already benefitting. Could the next big breakthrough for 2022 be on the books?



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