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Healthcare Startups Developing Breakthroughs During the Pandemic

The global health pandemic that has been unfolding since early 2020 has changed the medical landscape. Healthcare is in more demand than ever before. What's more, many people find themselves self-medicating for safety purposes. How have healthcare startups helped to improve healthcare technology and response during this time?

EV Startups: Making the Charge Possible

Electric vehicles, or EVs, are booming. Thanks to leading names in the industry such as Elon Musk and Tesla, many motorists are swaying away from gas. However, there’s always going to be the need to charge your EV from drive to drive. What are EV startups doing to help bring innovations to the fore?

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How Breethe Sets the Meditation Startup Standard

In various shapes and forms, lockdowns all over the world led millions to evaluate their mental health. During 2020 and into 2021, downloads and regular usage of wellbeing apps have grown hugely the world over. Breethe, as it happens, remains one of the most successful startups in the niche. Let’s explore this sphere a little closer.

4 U.S. Startup Founders That Are Reaching for The Stars

We live in an age where more and more startups have a chance of reaching global success and recognition. However, a select few innovators create companies that can stand the test of time due to fierce competition. Here are four such founders we can all take inspiration from!

Sports Startups Advancing Training, Nutrition and Rehab

Everybody has different needs. However, there are always a few key elements to biological needs that run common to us all. Sports startups focused on sport science are growing ever more popular in this regard. But how big is the sphere, and what are some of the more successful ventures planning for us?

Retail Automation Startups Reshaping the Future of Shopping

The way we shop is constantly changing. Ecommerce has a lot to answer for. However, even physical retail shopping is evolving before our eyes, too. As always, there are lots of different startups innovating in the sphere. Let’s consider some of the biggest hitters and the sphere in general.

Five of the Biggest Investments in Video Streaming Startups

Video streaming has quickly become the global standard for entertainment. While many people still use traditional media, streaming video is quick, convenient, and adaptable. Therefore, it’s hardly surprising, so many video streaming startups are making waves. Here are some of the biggest streamers in the sphere.

Pop Culture and Startups: Is Investing in Trends Worth It?

Innovations may come and go. Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell whether or not a venture will be a long-term success. Some are ‘pop culture’ startups - in that they focus on trends in the here and now. But why are they still worth your money?

Unbelievable Startups Success Stories: Defying All Odds

No startup is ever guaranteed to succeed - but many beat the odds. There are a lot of factors in play. However, there are plenty of US ventures that have come back from the brink. What’s more, there are even some that have defied all critical expectations - and here are a few of them!

Pet Health Startups Showing Us the Future of Animal Care

As a nation of pet lovers, we all love our furry friends. However, pets need our help with medical care for obvious reasons. What’s more, they are just as much at risk of getting ill as we are. Thankfully, many startups are working to help our cats and dogs get better sooner.

The Most Successful Startup Gurus and Their Companies

Starting a business is never an easy endeavor. What’s more, running it to profitability is even trickier! That’s why many companies find their feet with help from gurus. But what are gurus to startups - and who are some of the most successful?

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