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How Breethe Sets the Meditation Startup Standard

In various shapes and forms, lockdowns all over the world led millions to evaluate their mental health. During 2020 and into 2021, downloads and regular usage of wellbeing apps have grown hugely the world over. Breethe, as it happens, remains one of the most successful startups in the niche. Let’s explore this sphere a little closer.

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Meditation and Wellbeing Apps at a Glance

Smartphones and apps can, by and large, get bad reputations for causing stress and worry. However, the meditation and wellbeing app niche, of course, strives to counteract this. During 2020, people unable to access healthcare or therapy services took the leap to treating themselves via smart devices.

The statistics show that mindfulness apps are booming and that this trend is set to continue. The meditation app market in North America saw growth of revenue by 6.5% year on year. That, by the numbers, totals shy of $1 billion revenue. It is startups such as Breethe and Calm that are helping to propel this figure forwards. Calm, in fact, is a unicorn.

Have people realized that using wellbeing and meditation apps are viable alternatives to expensive treatments? Possibly. Let’s consider Breethe as a case study.

All About Breethe

Earlier this year, Breethe announced that they would be expanding their meditation service to tailor better to individual users. It’s the latest in a set of tweaks to their app following a booming 2020.

Breethe strives to be an all-in-one platform to help people find their inner calm. The service provides hypnotherapy tools, breathing exercises, mood stabilizers, and playlists. The app appeals to both iOS and Android users, too, meaning no one is left in the dark.

As of the time of writing, Breethe boasts more than 10 million unique downloads. Co-founded by mindfulness expert Lynne Goldberg, the Breethe team has expanded its enterprise across more than 60 territories.

What sets Breethe apart from the pack appears to be the personal touch. Even ahead of the ‘personal kit’ announcement in March 2021, their app grants users a unique coach. This coach is, effectively, the software - ready to boot up and give you a five-minute meditative dive as and when you need it.

Breethe is continuing to grow in a niche that is constantly evolving. Global stresses and strains over the past year have made apps such as theirs essential to many. Thankfully, their success appears to be extending into 2021 and beyond. 

Meditative Startups Are on The Rise

Thousands of unique wellness apps emerged in just the past few years, meaning this is an ever-growing niche. Intriguingly, each app and service has a different take on mindfulness. Breethe is a leading example of an app that is making its content more tailored.

This is a fascinating market with stacks of potential. Real-time data on startup funding in the mindfulness space is ready to view via Fundz.



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