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Cybersecurity Startups Get Hand Up from Kaspersky Innovators' Program

In the modern age, cybersecurity is a very real concern. Even the biggest of businesses are at risk of falling prey to hackers. Fortunately, Kaspersky, a leading name in cybersecurity the world over, is nurturing the startups, who are rethinking the way we protect our personal and business data.

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Why is San Francisco Bay so Appealing to Startups?

Almost everyone, I think, has heard of Silicon Valley, and anyone with a little knowledge of startups will know that San Francisco is a hotspot for venture activity. But what is it about the Bay that continues to appeal to startups? Let’s try and tap into this phenomenon.


Why SOPs and Startups are the Perfect Match

Startups, by their very design, thrive on efficient, quick-moving decisions. Keeping poised and ready in the modern age, however, isn’t always easy. That’s why many ventures rely on standard operating procedures, or SOPs, to help harness growth. But why else are SOPs essential for small enterprises?

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Startups and Hiring in 2020: How Are They Adjusting?

2020 has, of course, been a difficult year for many people, with businesses globally needing to make multiple pivots. Startups, however, have been innovating with more than just products and USPs. How are modern ventures continuing to hire staff in a confusing new climate?

Clean Energy Startups: Ecolectro Making Renewable Energy Inexpensive

Renewable energy is more than just a buzzword. With many worrying about the US' shift away from focusing on climate change in recent years, it seems that there are still startups in America striving to push for affordable, renewable power. Ecolectro is one such company still making strides to this day.

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New Grants and Accelerators Target Female-Led Tech Startups

Even in the modern world of startups, there is a need to fight for gender equality. Thankfully, according to recent news, there are increasing pushes to bring more funding into female-led ventures. Specifically, its tech which seems to be leading the way – let’s take a closer look.

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Aviation Startups: An Upward Trajectory

If there’s one thing people will always do, it is travel. Therefore, the aviation industry will continue to expand and evolve. It is, in fact, a thriving sphere for startups, too. Let’s look at a few reasons why it is so vital to the global economy.

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3D Printed Steak Startups Will Disrupt the Menu

We live in a world where it is entirely possible to print your food. As bizarre as that sounds, startups are already making strides to research and develop ways for you to eat printed meat. Let’s take a look at why this might be more than just a futurist’s fantasy cuisine.

3d printed steaks

Startups Battling the Pandemic: Innovations in the Face of Adversity

2020 has, inarguably, been a challenging year for most. Pandemic conditions have driven businesses to change tack completely. The public has had to rethink the way they run their lives. However, there are plenty of startups and ventures out there who are helping us all get back on our feet again.

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Revenue Acceleration Startups: Interview with Chili Piper’s Jim Ensell

Chili Piper is one of many emergent inbound revenue acceleration startups focused on helping businesses boost their incoming revenue. The recent news that that the company raised $18 million at Series A alone has created a serious buzz. Therefore, we took time to sit down with Jim Ensell, Chili Piper's CMO, to dig a little deeper into the companies back story.


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