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Startup Accelerators in the USA: What Do They Do?

Managing startups of any size and in any sphere is never going to be simple. Co-founding requires innovation, marketing, and funding. Therefore, many ventures and their owners choose to head to accelerators to help grow their brands. But what exactly do the best startup accelerators in the USA bring to the table?

Biotechnology Startups: Jeff Bezos Backs Nautilus

Seattle’s biotech sphere just got that little bit larger. Thanks partly to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Nautilus heads into Q2 of 2021 with an additional financial boost. But how will this help the venture with future projects and growth? How can other startups gain inspiration?

Seattle Startups: Level Raises $1.5mm for Flexible Credit

Money is, expected, big business. Some startups are working hard to help make credit more readily available to those in need. Among those are Level, a company based in Seattle with an impressive funding round under their belt. But what is the venture’s long-term mission?

B2B SaaS Startups: Is There Room for Success?

B2B SaaS continues to expand. Data shows that marketing tech is now more than 7,500 companies strong! The demand for CRMs is arguably growing more and more thanks to remote working demands. But is there any room for B2B SaaS startups to grow?

Startups & Billing Choices: Subscription and Usage-Based Pricing

Generally, startups will find two main ways to charge their customers for the use of their services. Either via subscription or usage/consumption. The subscription model may seem convenient, but why might a company choose to switch to a usage system?

New Elevate Fund of $26 Million Intended for Minority-Led Startups

For those startups led by minority bosses and entrepreneurs, Elevate Capital is at hand to help. Minority ventures continue to struggle with funding opportunities across the US. Intending to level the playing field for all, EC has an intriguing new proposal.

Startup Troubles: How to Maintain a Successful Co-Founder Relationship

It is not always easy to innovate on your own. Many successful startups thrive on co-founder or partnership models. However, this relationship can produce potential difficulties down the line. What are some ways in which venture co-founders can help to maintain a healthy working relationship?

What Do Fast Growing Green Startups Have to Offer?

Environmental and ecological pressure is never going away. Our planet's life is limited – and therefore, green startups across the country are continually innovating. But what are some of the quickest-growing green ventures building today?

Cybersecurity Startups: Alcide Bought by Rapid7 for $50m

Cybersecurity startups such as Alcide have led the way in recent years regarding innovation. Their recent cloud-based shift led to a lucrative acquisition. With Rapid7's purchase of the brand for $50 million, what can we expect from them in the future?

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Biotech Startups: AltPep Raises Series A to Fight Alzheimer's

Biotech startups are growing in popularity. Some, such as the team at AltPep, are looking to fight conditions we do not understand completely. But how is AltPep helping to change what we know about Alzheimer's Disease and how we can treat people?

Washington Startups Get into the Latest WTIA Founder Cohort Program

Washington State has a growing technology scene, and that’s in part thanks to the WTIA. The Washington Technology Industry Association helps to run a founder cohort program to inspire entrepreneurs. But what are some of the latest ventures supported and what does it offer?         

Gaming Startups You Should Know About

The videogames industry exploded hugely over the past two decades. No longer a niche hobby, gaming is now a lifestyle enhancement. With this, an increasing number of startups are popping up to bring new experiences to PCs and consoles worldwide. But which companies should developers keep an eye on to help support their growth?

Raghu Gollamundi to Form a New Startup

Raghu Gollamudi is a name in business privacy that many startups can look up to. Having successfully built Integris into a leading data discovery engine, the entrepreneur leaves the parent company for new horizons. But what is his next critical mission?


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