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Startup Accelerators in the USA: What Do They Do?

Managing startups of any size and in any sphere is never going to be simple. Co-founding requires innovation, marketing, and funding. Therefore, many ventures and their owners choose to head to accelerators to help grow their brands. But what exactly do the best startup accelerators in the USA bring to the table?

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How Accelerators Help Startups

Many startups found their way to long-term success on their own merits. However, there are many brands and household names that are here thanks to accelerators. San Francisco brands AirBnB and Dropbox, for example, found their feet through accelerator programs. Twitch, the hugely popular game live streaming service, also has acceleration to thank.

As states, accelerators based in the US saw a huge yearly growth of 50% between 2008 and 2014. Ultimately, the job of an accelerator is to give founders of ventures that support network they desire.

This might arrive in the form of funding advice, developmental support, and even working spaces. Of course, innovators and entrepreneurs will need to apply directly to these programs to benefit. If they show promise, then the biggest and the best of these programs will support innovators on route to long-term success.

What are Some of the Biggest US Accelerators?

There are several big-name accelerators in the US continuing to bring outstanding innovators into the public eye.

While it’s easy to assume that the accelerator scene is in full swing in the Bay, Texas also has its shining star. Tech Ranch, in particular, led the way in recent years with insight systems and developmental tools for US ventures. Not only that, but they’ve since expanded overseas with a huge global influence.

We can’t discuss accelerators in the US without mentioning Y Combinator. Since 2005, this leading venture-boosting brand has worked hard to create a unique, friendly approach to mentorships. It’s thanks to Y Combinator, for example, that we have famous online payment service Stripe. Despite having barely 60 employees in the staff, Y Combinator is responsible for raising unicorns.

Let’s also consider Plug and Play. Naturally, California’s tech scene is burgeoning. However, Plug and Play had built up big names such as LendingClub and other unicorns from a standing start in 2006. Like Tech Ranch, Plug and Play are also expanding worldwide. One of their key focuses is on seeding, too, without claiming equity back in return.


Are Accelerators the Future of Funding?

It is a competitive world for ventures everywhere. You do not need to turn to a US accelerator to get far in innovation. However, it may help in some cases. CEOs and co-founders frequently turn to programs, mentorships, and even crowdfunding to get ahead.

However, keen investors may also use services such as Fundz to find the best up-and-coming innovators. It’s here where VCs and angels, too, may discover startups on their way through acceleration. However, acceleration isn’t always a must-have – meaning there are plenty of innovators working hard on their own.




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