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Raghu Gollamundi to Form a New Startup

Raghu Gollamudi is a name in business privacy that many startups can look up to. Having successfully built Integris into a leading data discovery engine, the entrepreneur leaves the parent company for new horizons. But what is his next critical mission?


Roots in Data Discovery

Gollamundi recently chose to resign from OneTrust, the parent company of Integris, after a barnstorming five years. Even before OneTrust's acquisition of the brand, Gollamudi, and his team raised $16 million for their game-changing software.

Integris, at its heart, revolves around helping users find and classify sensitive data. With the rise of CCPA and GDPR, among other data protection legislation, Integris saw a gap in the market.

At the peak of data privacy concerns worldwide, Integris emerged as a significant player in streamlining information simplicity. Gollamudi, as co-founder, was at the heart of its initial formation, as well as Integris' lauded success.

Now, however, the landscape is changing again. Arguably, while data privacy is still a significant concern, the world continues to evolve. Therefore, it is more modern concerns that the software mogul is targeting with his new venture, Included.

What is Included?

Included is born from Gollamudi's desire to help simplify inclusivity in the workplace. Specifically, the entrepreneur's new software aims to help enhance diversity accountability for enterprises. Included targets problems enterprises may have with their DEI, or Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

This move is not without thorough research. Statistics show that DEI-tech may be worth around $100 million globally. Included's mission is to seize this thirst for inclusivity enhancement and help employees who may otherwise feel marginalized.

Much of the impressive tech behind Included comes from  AI and neural networks. Specifically, Gollamundi and his new team are working hard to establish a system that recognizes hiring and poll trends. Much like Integris, the new platform aims to consolidate data for the greater good.

Gollamudi takes inspiration from corporate efforts for greater inclusivity due to the Black Lives Matter protests in 2020. "Technology should be an enabler and not a deterrent," he states in a conversation with GeekWire. "We can actually use it to complement, not replace the human aspect."

Included provides users with a clear, actionable dashboard of data. Gollamudi also confirms that goal-setting features within the app will help users understand their processes clearer.

The Future of Inclusivity for Startups?

Raghu Gollamudi is a name that all ventures should remember. His engineering and insight are already helping small to medium firms understand how to navigate data privacy. However, we shouldn't understate the prescience of Included at such a pivotal moment in society.

Tech is becoming more and more inclusive and more aware of underrepresented people. Startups working to change the way representation works in the US may be readily visible through databases such as Fundz. Investors keen to move with the waves of change we're already feeling in 2021 may do well to dive deep!



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