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Global Startups Tackling Sustainable Development and Quality of Life

While society's wants and needs will constantly change and evolve, there will always be two crucial focal points. Quality of life and sustainability are crucial topics in the here and now. Therefore, startups worldwide are working to make major, positive differences to people, animals, and the natural world.

Startups Saving the Bee (Anthophila) - What is BeeTech?

The global ecosystem is genuinely fascinating. Sadly, however, many species are at risk from various sources of environmental damage. However, startups at home and overseas are helping to give a little bit back. For example - have you ever heard of BeeTech?

NFT Startups Storming the Stage: Past, Future, and Earnings

If there was a tech investment craze that grew beyond recognition in 2021, it was NFTs. Non-Fungible Tokens are, essentially, digital artwork assets that hold immense value. As you may imagine, there are also startups working to help propel NFTs even further forward - but how?

Startup Due Diligence - 5 Questions You Must Ask Before Investing

Investing in startups is not necessarily as simple as it may seem. After all, as with any investment, you will need reassurance that you can see a return. While many ventures offer great confidence in the here and now, there are still some questions to ask.

Top 3 NYC Startups in Tech to Watch in 2022

As you may already know, New York City is a genuine hotbed for startups growing in many spheres. The Bay Area may be leading the chase - but there are plenty of tech startups across NYC worth watching.  It was a fantastic year for tech ventures in the city, including the growth of branding agency in New York City, contributing to the success of around 10,000 niche brands. Let’s consider why the tech ecosystem in NYC is so burgeoning.

3 Revealing Facts About FinTech Startups and the Industry

Fintech startups are among some of the fastest-growing in the US and worldwide. Fintech is helping to move everyday banking and finance into the digital sphere. However, it’s more than just a niche interest. Here are three tantalizing facts about the fintech boom that might surprise you.

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Machine Learning Startups Making AI More Accessible

The world is always leaning more and more into greater efficiency and convenience. Is that necessarily always going to be possible when relying on human talent and engineering alone? Machine learning startups are changing production up for the better. But what does this entail?

How Innovative are Indian Virtual Reality Startups?

Virtual reality, or VR, has become a massive business in the past decade. However, startups specializing in technology are not solely based in the west. In fact, there has been an impressive surge in Indian ventures taking up VR. Let’s consider some of the most prominent VR players across India right now.

Online Dating Startups: Enhancing Human Connections

Online dating has come a long way from being a niche interest! The days of meeting online being unheard of are behind us thanks to the rise of apps such as Tinder. However, innovations from startups in this niche appear to be pushing human connectivity to the next level.

Looking Back - What Did 2021 Do for Global Startups?

2021 was a fairly dramatic year, all things considered. With substantial global changes still very much in flux, startups around the world needed to pivot more so than ever. However, with these challenges came a lot of positivity! Regarding global startups, let's take a look back - and then forward.

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