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Startups Saving the Bee (Anthophila) - What is BeeTech?

The global ecosystem is genuinely fascinating. Sadly, however, many species are at risk from various sources of environmental damage. However, startups at home and overseas are helping to give a little bit back. For example - have you ever heard of BeeTech?

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BeeTech and Why Bees Need Our Help 

BeeTech - though maybe not the official name - is an inspiring offshoot of the AgTech sphere. Crucially, we need to consider what the world needs to protect and inspire bees to keep thriving. Bees are indeed crucial to help support the food chain for many animal species - us included. In fact, it’s thought that bees are responsible for around 35% of all food we produce and consume.

Bees are essential in helping to pollinate and grow flowers and plants, and of course, to produce honey. If all the bees on Earth disappeared, the food chain and global ecosystem would be irreparably damaged.

However, bees are, varying from species to species, struggling with decline - it is a genuine problem. Climate change and pesticide evolution are largely to blame for increasing waves of bees facing extinction.

Therefore, now appears to be the time for startups to step in and make a difference. While we can only do so much to help undo the effects of climate change, technology can help us further.

Startups Making a Difference to Bees Through Technology

So, firstly, let’s consider Beeflow. Beeflow is a firm that specializes in helping to boost bee nutrition. That is, of course, in the event of said bees running low on food such as pollen and nectar. What’s more, their products - which are bio-enhanced foodstuffs purely for bees - can help improve their health.

Many investors have already taken note of Beeflow’s approach, with an impressive $11.8 million in direct funding. The crop yield booster, based in Los Angeles, aims to apply science to common concerns facing bee populations.

Beyond Beeflow, Beewise is also taking strides to help insects through technological innovation. The brand specializes in unique robot-beehive technology, which actively supports automated beekeeping. They’ve raised over $38.7 million in direct funding when this article was written.

The Israel-based company provides solar technology that allows an internal beehive robot to feed and care for bees. On top of this, their beehive models also deliver data remotely to beekeepers’ devices. Therefore, the firm is fully automating bee care and nutrition - and many investors are taking note.

Can We Save The Bees?

Undoing the problems we have already caused the wider environment may not be simple. However, we can use technological innovations to help support flora and fauna otherwise impacted by humanity. As much as we have created problems, we can also develop solutions - and now is undoubtedly the time to act.

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