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Global Startups Tackling Sustainable Development and Quality of Life

While society's wants and needs will constantly change and evolve, there will always be two crucial focal points. Quality of life and sustainability are crucial topics in the here and now. Therefore, startups worldwide are working to make major, positive differences to people, animals, and the natural world.

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Sharpening Our Focus 

There are startups, naturally, that cater to almost all needs across nearly all industries. While most ventures will strive to make money in some form or other, many focus on 'making a change'. The world at large is, under the microscope, far from perfect. There are, for example, still huge concerns over world hunger.

What's more, climate change continues to roll on as a significant concern that many ventures are pivoting into. While the damage we may have already done to our planet may be irreversible, protection from here is critical. Therefore, it's unsurprising to see smaller companies starting to sway towards protecting humanity as well as the world around us.

Sustainable development, for example, is an ever-growing niche. This sphere focuses on continuing to help society progress, albeit from a sustainable, eco-friendly standpoint. Quality of life improvement, too, is ever-growing as a niche. This may improve access to nutrition, everyday conveniences, or otherwise.

Ventures Growing in Sustainable Development

Solarity Energia, based in Chile, is a leading name in sustainable development across Latin America. The brand, funded to Series B at more than $8.7 million, focuses on photovoltaics. Their innovations are helping to ensure more people across South America and Latin states have access to solar power.

Solar power and photovoltaics are increasingly popular with businesses as well as homes. Whether storing the sun's energy in batteries or continuously power, Solarity is just one adopter making significant strides.

Relectrify, meanwhile, is a company that specializes in improving battery life and power. Offering business and industrial integrations, their technology allows users to persist on battery control for longer. Thus, their technology can help energy travel further.

They've partnered with the likes of IBM, Nissan, and VW and are funded to more than $4 million.

Companies Helping to Improve Quality of Life 

When it comes to improving life for impoverished people, Fenix International, too, leans on solar. Crucially, their services - now acquired as part of the Engine group - helps to make power more affordable across developing states. The firm is based in San Francisco and is funded to more than $16 million.

Zero-Gachis focuses on food waste and is based in Nantes, France. Z-G first started life in 2012 and offers an app service to help detect sell-by dates. Users can scan and print barcodes to help retail stores manage food that may othervise go to waste.

It's clear that many global startups are willing to change the world. Those discussed here are only a handful of examples! Fundz provides more data on those ventures working to make a difference with technology.




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