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Looking Back - What Did 2021 Do for Global Startups?

2021 was a fairly dramatic year, all things considered. With substantial global changes still very much in flux, startups around the world needed to pivot more so than ever. However, with these challenges came a lot of positivity! Regarding global startups, let's take a look back - and then forward.

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Startup Statistics to Get Excited About

Yes - 2021 was challenging for all of us, as was 2020. However, it was a fantastic year for startups’ growth across various niches.

Let’s take a look at the most prominent innovator of the year. The venture that made the biggest splash in 2021 was, inarguably, ByteDance. The Chinese video-sharing firm, responsible for the enormously popular entertainment app TikTok, saw immense growth. It’s now worth $75 billion - and there’s no sign of that growth slowing down.

Fintech, as a sphere, saw immense growth in 2021. To the point, in fact, that just over 7% of all ventures worldwide operate in this niche. Telehealth, of course, has also expanded massively owing to an ongoing global challenge. Almost 7% of all venture success in 2021 revolves around healthcare in general.

Let’s also consider the importance of gaming too. Entertainment saw an advantageous uptick in 2021, with the games industry making up around 4.7% of all ventures.

This was also a huge year for unicorn-building. However, we have to look out east for the most surprising uptrends. India’s venture ecosystem brought 42 new unicorns to the table in 2021, an all-time record. That’s almost $33 billion in funding across the year, too.

European ventures, too, broke new ground in this regard. Continental innovators brought home more than $100 billion in 2021 - triple the year previous. It’s safe to say that 2021 was a significant recovery period for many innovators in the back of 2020.

The Shape of Things to Come

2021 as a bounce-back period for 2020 is only the start. It’s clear, for example, that there are significant changes still emerging heading into 2022.

For example, artificial intelligence appears essential to venture founders than ever before. Around six in ten entrepreneurs, in fact, claim that AI will have an important place in innovations for years to come. This is also reflected in the statistics - 5% of ventures globally are based in AI to some degree.

Let’s also consider blockchain. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have continued to inspire us across 2021. So much so, in fact, that statistics show around 1.5% of all ventures, globally, are deep in the niche. This, given the huge BTC boom of 2021 and continued growth in alternative funding, is only likely to continue.

So - what’s next in 2022? Based on these precedents, we can comfortably agree that telehealth and AI will lead the charge. However, blockchain - cryptocurrency and beyond - will still be a major driver, in hand with fintech being the leading sphere.

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