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Music Tech Startups: Music Industry Solutions and Game Changers

Some of the biggest stars in music got their starts not in a studio but in their bedrooms. Thanks to startups in music technology, self-starting musicians and industry professionals are finding hit-making easier than ever. Let's consider how and why ventures are blazing trails for music in the New 20s.

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Craft Beer Startups: Is It Worth Getting Into the Business?

The craft beer boom is continuing to take the US by storm. Even in a shaky global climate, breweries are pivoting to meet home delivery demands and more. But is there life in the craft brewery scene beyond 2020?

Legal Issues US Tech Startups Are Likely to Face

Tech startups are operating in a 'golden age' in the US. We are more dependent on technological innovation than ever before. However, some concerns and hurdles ventures need to consider, legally, if they are to survive long-term. What are the biggest rising challenges, and how can they overcome them?

Fintech Startups in 2021: Is Pennylane Leading the Way?

Fintech is an industry that, given global crises in 2020, is expected to pivot majorly in 2021. Because of this, we may expect to see some ventures making significant funding strides. Does Pennylane, an early 2021 success, set the template for Fintech startups for the year ahead?

Can Search Engine Startups Show Google Who's Boss?

It is safe to assume that Google has the majority when it comes to the search engine market. However, even Google had humble beginnings. What searchers may not realize is that the search industry is still growing. Not only that, startups are working to tip the balance.

VC Funding: How Did the Top 10 U.S. Cities Change in 2020?

In the midst of what we hope will be a once in a lifetime crisis, venture capital investment in startups remained relatively strong in 2020.

Bitcoin’s Biggest Boom: What 2021 May Hold for Crypto Startups

Over the holiday period of 2020, Bitcoin hit its highest ever exchange value. Worth $40,000 at its peak, it is still holding steady at the time of writing. The situation, of course, is stimulating for startups dealing in and powered by cryptocurrencies. What might they expect in 2021?

Do All Startups Need a Chief of Staff?

Employee roles within startups will vary from company to company. However, regardless of industry, the part of 'chief of staff' appears to be growing in popularity across modern ventures. What does this role entail? Furthermore, why might investors be interested in looking for a business with this type of control in place?

Startup Seed Investing Exploded During 2020: Will It Continue?

Despite 2020 being a challenging year for most, many startups pivoted and were successful in the past 12 months. In fact, data suggests that startup seed rounds actually performed better than many expected over the course of the year. What will this mean for 2021?

Why B2B Startups Connect with their Peers

Going at it alone nearly always requires support. Where can I get help and advice? Where can I promote my product or services? Where can I get early sales for my start-up business? These are all valid questions, and you can find them answered among your peers.

Solopreneur Startups on the Rise - The Numbers and Challenges

For anyone wanting to start their own business, the thought of doing it alone either encourages or scares them. A solopreneur is someone who goes it alone in their business, and the number of solopreneur startups in the US is on the rise. The kinds of companies these entrepreneurs develop are not just tech either, and they are not totally alone.

Fast Food Delivery Startups Thrive in the New Normal


2020 saw the arrival of what many call the "New Normal" concerning daily life and how we work. With the COVID19 Pandemic changing so much, existing businesses had to adapt and startups founded to address the new normal. One such sector that had to adjust and that entrepreneurs have taken advantage of is food delivery.

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