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4 Cruelty-Free Makeup Startups Gathering Interest

With more people leading with their consciences when it comes to product choices, cruelty-free products reign supreme. Many makeup startups are innovating new ways to transform our makeup drawers while protecting animal welfare. Thankfully, it’s never been easier to find makeup made without cruelty. Here are four ventures worth following.

An Insider's Look at 3 Chocolate and Candy Startups

Millions of us have a sweet tooth, and there's always something new and tasty to try. In fact, many candy startups in the ether are working hard to change the way we see and taste candy! It's well worth considering what the more prominent emerging names in Willy Wonka's sphere are up to.

Made to Measure Apparel and Clothing Startups

The clothing market has changed massively even in just a few years. As sizing standards vary from brand to brand, it can be difficult for people to find items that truly fit well! That’s one key reason why, ultimately, clothing startups are taking significant strides to create made-to-measure fashion.

5 Startups Building Technology to Manage Food Waste

Throughout the world, food waste is still a burning issue. We are continuing to throw out tons upon tons of food day after day while famine thrives. Therefore, many startups are pivoting to tackle the food waste challenge. Here are just a few big players in the niche.

What Do Successful Startups Do Differently?

It is safe to say that all business founders work extremely hard to get where they need to be. However, there does usually transpire to be a firm formula for success that propels the most prominent brands into the spotlight. What is it that isolates the most successful startups apart?

Paying It Forward: B2B Startups Exciting Innovations

The New 20s will inarguably continue to be exciting for startups in all kinds of niches and spheres. But, what about those that work hard to support one another? In a complex climate, B2B has never been more appealing. Let’s consider what innovative B2B startups are doing to lend each other a helping hand or two.

Startups Aiming to 'Kill Off' Passwords - New Security for All?

For as long as many of us can remember, passwords have been our primary keys to all kinds of systems. However, that system is unlikely to weather the decades to come. The fact is, passwords are no longer the security standard that they once were. But what are startups doing to change this long-standing service?

Satellite Internet Startups: Widening the Web for All

As time progresses, our reliance on the internet increases. Access to the web, or online resources, is considered a human right in many territories! However, many communities find they are still without easy access to the internet. Startups and innovators have had to think outside of the box - is satellite internet the answer?

5 Key Facts About Hydrogen Cars and Startups

With many countries striving to ban traditional gas vehicles by 2030, the heat is on to find fuel alternatives. EV is a huge draw right now. However, hydrogen power is also picking up speed. Here are some fascinating takeaways from hydrogen cars and startups you’ll want to know more about.

5 Facts You Should Know About Startups - Before Starting One!

It is perhaps easy to think that startups have things reasonably simple. However, there’s a world of challenges out there! Only the best succeed - and regardless of your niche, there are always a few things you learn along the way. Here are five pointers founders and innovators have to share.

Vertical Farming Startups: Making Food More Accessible

As the globe's population increases, so does the need for food. This has ultimately led to farms and agriculture specialists rethinking the way they grow and harvested crops. An innovation many farming startups are leading with is vertical farming - but what exactly is it, and how could it benefit us?

Personal Finance Startups Helping Us to Keep in Balance

Personal finance has emerged as a lucrative niche largely thanks to the smartphone boom. It’s never been easier to tap your screen and swipe your way into your bank account. However, this is a niche that is still evolving. What do innovative startups bring to the table?

Beta Hatch: The Insect-as-Feed Startup Making Headlines

Did you know that you can feed a farm on insects alone? This is the methodology that Beta Hatch, based in Washington, is swearing by. Startups in the agriculture sphere are working hard to make feed and waste more sustainable. But what is it about Beta Hatch that’s getting them such massive interest?


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