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Are Austin Startups Helping Texas’ Long-Term Recovery?

There is economic strain across the US right now. Texas, of course, is at the heart of it all. However, what some people may not realize is that Austin, in particular, is a hotbed for startups. But what do ventures in Austin have to offer, and what’s making the city such an epicenter for innovation?

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Digital Mental Health Startups Aim to Stem the Tide

Today’s uncertain times appear to be affecting the mental health of millions across the world. Polls appear to show that more than 50% of US citizens are struggling with life, thoughts, and feelings. That, at least, is one reason why digital mental health startups are seeing a huge uptake. Let’s look at this in closer detail.

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Interest in Agtech Startups Proves the Future is Blooming

If there is an industry for startups to change, you can be sure that technology is helping them do it. Agtech is an intriguing sphere that surrounds innovations in helping to make the food industry more efficient. But what are some of the more intriguing gains made in this sphere?

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Startups in the U.S. Just Raised Record Funding Last Week

While millions of traditional small businesses struggle to survive, the funding environment in the U.S. for promising startups is setting records. Last week, just the top 5 startups raked in almost $2.5 billion dollars in funding. Even if you exclude SpaceX's record $1.9 billion round, the top 10 startups still raised over $700 million. Let's take a look at the top five rounds.

Fintech Startups: Global Hotspots, Sectors and Q2 Funding

With economies shrinking across the G7, it’s clear that personal and corporate financial management has never been more critical. Fintech startups lead the way to help make paying for goods and trading in stocks easier than ever before. But what are some current, key performance takeaways?


EV Automotive Startups: Tesla Alternatives to Watch

For a time, the concept of the electric car seemed to be an outdated one. However, thanks to the rise of top automotive startups such as Tesla, the idea of EV automotive is coming back into the public consciousness. However, it’s not just Tesla making waves – what about other startups?

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Revenue Intelligence Startups Thriving: Gong Raises $200 Million

When it comes to making money in the modern age, revenue intelligence is everything. But what are revenue intelligence startups doing to help change the game? What are these ventures doing to help companies understand how they are generating funds?

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The Future Belongs to Biomaterials Startups

When it comes to medical procedure and innovation, few companies offer a glimpse at the future quite like biomaterials startups. But what occurs within the biomaterials sphere? What are promising biomaterial startups for the future, and what awaits investors who start funding their ventures?


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San Francisco Startups Continue to Lead the World

While there are scores of innovative startups across the US, San Francisco is dominating the U.S. and world in many respects. From Silicon Valley outwards, VCs have always kept a close eye on the region. Let’s explore why this might be the case.

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Startups Prize Winner Vita Inclinata: Changing Loading for the Better

There are many fantastic opportunities for innovative startup companies to claim funding. Vita Inclinata, a Denver-based venture specializing in load stability automation, has taken a dream step in claiming the top prize at a prestigious entrepreneurs’ summit. Claiming $50,000 in prize money, VI is set to change the way we load transport for good.

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