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Startups & Success Stories: Three Funding Triumphs

There are many different ways through which startups can achieve funding success. Some raise money on their own, others leverage their network, while some ventures apply themselves to the accelerator process. Let’s take a look at three particular, and different success stories from recent times.

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International Space Pitch Day: Startups in Space

Millions of us rely on startups for innovations on terra firma, but what about the outer limits? Recent news reveals that the US and UK are joining forces to encourage ventures to pitch military space concepts. But what exactly does this competition involve?

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Is Government Fiscal Support for Startups on the Horizon?

Startups across the US will always look for new and innovative ways to reach the next stages of funding. However, talk has recently turned to that of Congressional intervention. Could there be a way for ventures to benefit from direct fiscal injections from the government?

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3 Tech Trends For Startups to Focus On In 2020

Technology is disrupting every industry. The only way to overcome technological disruption is to embrace it. Today almost all industries of the business sector are being increasingly impacted by disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) and Robotics.

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Inside Startups: Giuseppe Milazzo on Contapp and its Green Potential

With around 10 billion business cards printed each year, entrepreneur Giuseppe Milazzo found a sustainable gap in the market. Contapp, one of the few startups tackling this type of wastage, aims to reduce this figure worldwide.

Contapp's main focus lies in digitizing business cards, via app scanner, to reduce paper wastage. It’s an innovative digital app shift that Milazzo hopes will go global very soon.

Fundz interviewed the startups’ founder to discover more about his brand and the future of Contapp.


5 Extraordinary yet Simple Applications of AI for Startups

Only a decade ago, most people looked at Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a technology made for the forward-looking world— of flying cars and robots that will soon enough replace humans. But today, AI is really no longer an unnerving technology.

San Francisco Startups: Middesk Removes Loan Processing Bottlenecks

San Francisco startups are often quite interesting and Fintech startups are increasingly popular. Up to 38% of all personal loans in the US stem from fintech alone. 66% of banking bosses believe fintech is going to continue changing global finance. Middesk is a fintech venture helping to reduce lending bottlenecks in the US. But what’s their story?

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Construction Startups: Focus on IsoTruss Industries

Concrete solutions continue to be ripe for innovation, and construction startups are thriving in North America. In 2017, ventures raised more than $581 million, and VC interest doubled between 2013 and 2017. IsoTruss Industries is one of the most exciting innovators in this sphere. But why is this?

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Are Boston Startups Setting the U.S. Standard?

It's difficult to know exactly where the hottest spot is for startups seeking investment in the US. However, Boston, MA, has appeared in many lists of 'cities to watch' over the years. But why is that – and what do Boston startups have to show for themselves?

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Startups are Still Pivoting Successfully: Here’s The Proof

Startups, by design, must grow and evolve quickly. In times of global uncertainty, that means having to learn to pivot on the back foot. Thankfully, recent data shows that most ventures are pivoting successfully, with long term sustenance in their sights.

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FoodTech Startups Shake Things Up with Animal Free Dairy

With more of the world choosing to 'go' vegan, it's clear that alternative ways of producing food must be found. With 1.6 million vegans in the US and rising, it's no surprise that food tech startups are tackling industries such as dairy. Investors, it appears, are more excited than ever.

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Cannabis Startups Drive Innovation in Agritech

Cannabis startups, specifically those who specialize in agritech-based innovations across the US, are becoming increasingly investable. What are some of the most significant leaps – and stats – we can surmise from Agritech’s latest startup sensations in this field?

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Internet of Vehicles: IoV Startups Impacting the Auto Industry

Startups are innovating with technology in more and more intriguing ways. An emerging trend revolves around the future of automotive design and engineering. What is the IoV, and what are ventures doing to change this burgeoning industry for the better?

Future Fund Expansion Benefits Startups with 50% UK/US Split

Recent news confirms that the UK government will add a further £500 million ($625m) to the ‘Future Fund’ to help support startups on either side of the Atlantic. However, what are the requirements to benefit from this fund? What is the 50% split? Which companies are likely to benefit most?


Disruptive Startups Shake Up Industries for the New Normal

The world continues to change at a fast pace. That, of course, means the world is crying out for new innovations to help us all adapt to a ‘new normal.’ Is it any wonder, then, that disrupter startups are pulling in more interest than ever before? But what else can we learn from such trends?

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Disrupting a Legacy Industry – Startups vs. Telco’s

The telecommunications, or telco industry is one which is something of an immovable force. While startups persist in developing innovations across all manner of industries and spheres, telco appears relatively untouched. However, according to exciting upcoming trends, that no longer seems to be the case.

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